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Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston. The author spends a lot of time explaining just how different and unique photography is. Edward Weston begins his essay by stating that all art forms have their limitations imposed on them by their tools, materials or the processes. I read Edward Weston’s “Seeing Photographically” essay years ago. But I only came to grasp its meaning this year as I was taking a digital.

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At least to the point of competency, at which point you can decide if that look suits you photographicallu the work you like to create.

Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston « Katie Wong Photography Blog

And while it could be offered seeign makes photography as an art form accessible to the masses and encourages people to pursue their passions and capture important moments, the counter argument is that it removes the intentionality and foresight that Edward Weston says, makes art, art. November 26, at 3: Seeint had never thought about how that in those mediums the artist can spend as long seeinb the want on a piece, changing it as they go, but in photography, the process is much faster.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Therefore, not many people can learn how to see photographically and the creative process seelng taking a photograph is definitely not easy.

September 18, at 8: From the perspective of someone living in that time, where the only art that previously existed before was the product of painstaking hours upon hours of work building up an image, I can see how early photography was viewed as more of a mechanical process. This sentiment seems particularly relevant today with the cell phone camera.

Due edwrad the fact that photos are made up of many particles, the details in an image highlight all traces of technical mistakes. This perpetuates the notion that it is an easy process when in fact, the opposite could not be more true as exemplified by Edward Weston.


Edward Weston discusses how photography as a medium gives us too many options. Weston articulates that the purpose of being able to picture the subject as if reality was a photograph is a vital skill in producing true photography. For photography the process leads up to the photograph.

Meaning, learning to see his subject matter in terms of the capacities of his tools and processes. September 19, at 6: In the last class we discussed how right now people are using virtual reality in the context of what we already know such as television. This past summer, after my photography class, I re-visited phtoographically memorial and I spent much more time at the site.

Photo-painters thought that photography could not be considered art for two reasons: He believed this process should happen as the photographer captures the image, not later in the darkroom; he was not a fan of color, hated photo-painting, and preferred simple equipment. A large number of photographer continually search for the latest piece of equipment or are constantly changing it for new. He believes that there should be no guesswork involved, no editing in post.

Fundamentals of Interactive Media: Edward Weston’s Seeing Photographically

The second of the two: In some cases you may get an image that could be considered a master photograph but I think there would be something missing, a lack of control and knowledge that would make it impossible to create another great image. In addition to the above discussion, I also found Weston’s description about the two basic factors in the photographic process that set it apart from other graphic arts to be really enlightening.

LMU Art Photography. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We do not know yet what can be created with this new technology that was not possible with the old technology. You can always continue to create and play with different techniques and refine your skills.


To me it serves as a reminder that even though paintings seem to elevate rather than imitate life, life is full of moments that seemingly elevate themselves. I believe that is what virtual reality needs today. April 28, at It is learning to see photographically — that photographicalyl, learning to see his subject matter in terms of the capacities of his tools and processes, so that he can instantaneously translate the elements and values in a scene before him into the photograph he wants to make.

Create a wesron website or blog at WordPress. I’m not saying that music and photography isn’t art, but it just made me things of all the ways in which the original piece can be edited. Posted by Kaitlyn at The first roll you ever shoot will probably turn out terrible, since you are still learning how to work your camera, and might not have trained your mind to think photographically yet.

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

Personally, I completely disagree. What I took away from the article by Edward Weston is that it really shows how different photography is from the other graphic arts.

The technical process of developing, scanning, and enlarging can be easily learned by pretty much anyone.

When you see photographically, you envision the final print and use your skills to bring that idea to life.

He also talks about the possibility of error photographiclaly changes in a photograph through the development processes. The problem, however, is that only a few photographers master on their own field through a long time of experience and practice. January 27, at September 24, at 8: