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Play · Technology · Workshop. Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna by Biotele on July 7, Table of Contents. Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna. Nick sent in this great build for improving your WiFi connection. There are a lot of different ways to make WiFi antennas, many of them featured.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Education How making is transforming learning. Unless your transmit power I already below the FCC limit.

How To: Make a simple WiFi Yagi antenna | Make:

At least try to put them on separate channels or something. Nick sent in this great build for improving your WiFi connection. Learn how to make your own Yagi WiFi antenna. By Marc de Vinck Marc de Vinck. Assuming the antennae simply contain a pair of dipoles can anyone provide a link to a teardown of the typical dual-band antennae that come with consumer routers?

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How To: Make a simple WiFi Yagi antenna

As you move your phone exsy laptop, etc. Do we need to be careful not to be antisocial with this kind of modification? How do you use this with a two-antenna presumably dipole router?


But if you are planning to keep the same coverage in other directions when using this mod, you will find out where that extra signal came from. Because it would take many times longer to print than to measure out and cut, never mind the design time. Thanks for signing up.

The simulation predicts 8. Those first two though. Ewsy how to make your own Yagi WiFi antenna Related: Thanks for your submission. While it is a half-duplex technology, there are no receivers and transmitters. I did something similar once, when our office internet was out and I knew someone in eqsy building across the street.

Much tastier than yogurt, which is clearly inferior. A number of very much type-approved directional antennas frequently used in commercial WiFi in the USA disagree with your statement as it is written….

A Simple Yagi Antenna For Your Wi-Fi Router

Stupid question from a non-radio guy: Please check your email dasy confirm. Buy the router yourself as seen above. I think that is his point.

This is unlikely to be true. Some examples of correct use: Email required Address never made public. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the US that would mean: Are you referencing the rules of some other country? OTOH, you can use a high gain antenna on the receiver without restriction; this reduces the interference you suffer due to go transmitters.


Easy to Build WIFI GHz Yagi Antenna | I r MAKEr | Pinterest | Wifi, Tech hacks and Wifi extender

There is overlap for The key point is that the transmit power is defined as EIRP effective isotropic radiated poweri. Please understand dB by itself means bugger all.

I have been playing around with some wifi networking lately, mostly with the La Fonera, and finally decided to build a directional wifi antenna. Buy the router as above. Sign up for the Make: Notify me of new posts via email. Just like above but the Comcast router also is active on WiFi.

Turn down your transmit power until eirp is mW when in EU and you can sustain a link to a router 1.

Interesting misspelling at least. The transmit power is unchanged, anttenna the EIRP increases in the main direction. It needs to be compared to something so we get an absolute value. I could be very wrong though.