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The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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The hold which this system of control wields over government could even be regarded as impressive in its deviousness, were it not for the nefarious implications it has for stifling the self determination of the nations of the world.

Armenia was left under Turkish rule to furnish ; another Eastern Question in very recent years.

Every aspect of human decency, of human compassion, of the freedom of men, of the rights of kjuth nations, left British statesmen cold, were championed entirely by Russia. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

The author presents a behind the scenes look at the secretive international policies of the British empjre and how their successes allowed them to rise to the top of a vast secret order of World Finance. This give a fair outline of the adroit and empife machinery of government which is able to adjust itself to any situation and clothe it with a veil of justice and right, and which provides the tool to make the , colored people of the British Empire its utterly voiceless subjects; and which in addition has had virtually complete control of the government and commerce of China for icty one hundred years, oc of thr apparently independent countries; so that it can reasonably be stated that over half of all the people of the world have liecn ite subjects up to recent times.

Greene commented on that control in his “Army Life in Russia” of Turkey is controlled by Sabbataens since tbe s, crypto Muslims. The power of International Finance rests upon the doctrine of government advanced by Nicollo Machiavelli, which holds that any means, however unscrupulous, may be justifiably employed in order to maintain a strong central government,; and this doctrine has always been used as a vindication and the mandate of imperialists and dictators, and it cannot gain a foothold unless the forces of freedom have become undermined and are no longer able to offer open opposition.

The Turks fought with frenzied determination and losses were Immense on both sides, but the odds were too great and nine months after [[21]] declaration of war the Russian army was encamped in the suburbs og Con- stantinople, with the Turkish army totally dispersed.


The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power by E.C. Knuth

The British policy of the Iron Hand, far from intimidating the Chinese people, has as its effect the rallying of the Chinese masses to the banner of the anti- imperialist Chinese National Party. Skip to main content. With one stroke France united the quarreling and jealous small German kingdoms and principalities of central Europe into a great empire and threw itself under the grinding wheels of Bismarck, to be utterly demolished in six months time.

He commissioned the renowned agent of Imperialism, Gen. Congress with the intention of alerting Senators to the machinations of the power behind the throne of international Finance.

In other [[25]] words, in British phrase, form a ring and let ’em fight it out with the usual result of indiscriminate slaughter and pillage Unfortunately, for General Gordon, he had climbed out far on a limb; and the Liberal Government, accustomed to this sort of trickery, simply left him in the lurch, with the result that he wai killed in his venture; having vainly waited for months at Khartoum for succor.

Nor can the Crown, by proclamation or otherwise, make or unmake any law on its own authority apart from Parliament, except in colonies to which representative institutions have not been granted.

Refresh and try again. The views of Mr. Trivia About The Empire of the Gladstone had been openly charged with kjuth for [[27]] his opposition to British imperialistic aggression; the benign character of that dual and double-headed Dr. As a result of the British subsidy, the first Duma, whose probable pro-German leanings were greatly feared, lasted only ten weeks from May 9 to June 22, Surprised and frightened Britain now turned to the Concert of Europe, knjth she had heretofore flouted, for assistance.

The chicanery and deceit of international power politics was never better exposed than at the so- called “Peace Table” after the Great War.

The following memorandum of a conference with President Wilson on December 10,was made by Dr. Gladstone, four times Prime Minister of Britain on a Liberal platform up toare very significant as he was the last Liberal Prime Minister before the Imperialist rampage that started ii and continued up to World War I in To which Lord Derby replied, that he thought nothing remained but to let the struggle continue until success should declare itself on one side or the other.

The bank of England is controlled by a governor, deputy-governor and a court of 24 directors who are elected by the proprietors on the nomination of the directors That this pf is substantially true becomes readily apparent in noting the trend of events under Liberal leadership and under Conservative leadership. So far as any tangible evidence of that capital is in existence in the world, it is in Japan. Despite the fact that he was for forty years one of the most powerful statesmen in all the world, his actual position was ekpire obscure, and his name was utterly unknown and has remained unknown to the American public.


E.C. Knuth (Author of The Empire of the City)

This time they made a shabby pretense that this was still a humane and unselfish effort to restore order in Knutu and gathered together troops from what lands were still in their pay. The conduct of this war throughout was exceedingly brutal.

When Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to power within a few hours of each other inthe battle to submerge Germany again was under way.

In “Barriers Down” published inKent Cooper, General Manager of the Associated Press, discloses a 20 year battle fought since the end of World War I for the right to oc the American people the truth about the news of Europe and ccity world, and he gives it as knuh opinion that the control of page 7 “the greatest and knufh most powerful International monopoly of the 19th Century” in developing international atittudes and Hfrejudices has been an undisclosed cause of wars for the past years; that page the mischief planted during the fifteen years following World War I had become too great Or the new relationship of the Associated Press to overcome.

Lazaro Monteagudo marked it as to-read Sep 03, It can be said to form a major book of the Internationlist “Bible”, and is one of the very few works on Internationalism that treats this usually deliberately distorted subject with scholarly candor, being particularly designed for the enlightenment of the elect. Britain had been unable to come to Turkey’s assistance, but had charged Russia with deliberate violation of the Treaty of Paris in attacking the integrity of the Ottoman Empire.

However, the great depression of the 90’s provided a solution, with the whole world in the grip of over-production and lack of markets.

An alliance with Russia is in itself unnatural and horrible. These small nations had been conquered by the Turk after the Christian world had collapsed due to economic causes similar to those of the past few years and a frantic new deal type of spending, which had eventually exhausted the inexhaustible treasury of Rome, icty great empire which included nearly all of Europe, present-day Turkey, and other parts of Asia and Africa.