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View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. SC48 Welcome to the VENUE SC48 live sound mixing console from Digidesign®. console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot.

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Plug-Ins are arranged by process type such Power turns the rack slot on or off. Connecting Audio On standard systems with a single AO16 scc48 in slot D, hardware outputs are numbered 1— Page 64 Click to choose a Main Bus mode.

Don’t have an venie Locate and double-click the ECx host software uninstall pro- gram C: Plug-Ins can be placed in any rack slot.

Managing Group Bus Assignments Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive. Stage Outputs Power and Reset switches The state of the Aux controls follow the state of the corre- sponding controls on the Input Channels assigned to the Mains: You must explicitly store changes to update the associated snapshots. Testing Events Event List.

Page Page Page Page – Chapter Solo Safing Channels This lets you route the Monitor bus to a bus-fed stereo plug-in such as an onboard analyzer.

P in front of the name of the Aux in the LCD. Rack Slots Plug-Ins are arranged by process type such Power turns the rack slot on or off. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. These nally or externally generated. Factory-installed plug-ins will be available from the Previous Installs selector to re-install immediately after a system restore; other plug-ins must be completely re-installed.


And control your live mixing and recording rigs as one. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.


Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the pan for the correspond- ing mono Group. Press Enter or click another snapshot MTC value to accept the entry.

Press another Graphic EQ band switch or click on-screen to select another bank of graphic EQ bands and adjust as needed. Troubleshooting This chapter provides troubleshooting and problem solving information.

VENUE SC48 User Manual – SFL

Connect mics, devices, and more through a variety of inputs and outputs on the back of the console. Communicate with artists through the talkback mamual. Achieve amazing sound – live SC48 is a powerful performer, enabling you to create multifaceted mixes in stunning sound quality.

Multiple events can be selected to test, reset, duplicate, Event List items, commands and displays clear or delete them, but only one new event can be created at one time. This feature is useful to temporarily unmute a channel during a line check without having to release the entire Mute Group Assign or VCA.

Control up to 48 mic inputs. User The User switch is reserved for future use. Show file for each day since the console was last cleared. Plug-Ins switch brings the matching width for Analog EQ mode.

VENUE Live Sound Systems Documentation

You can adjust the built-in EQ using dedicated on-screen but- www. The Channel Safe column mirrors the channel automation Safe controls. Next Plug-in switch advances you to the next plug-in inserted on the current channel. Propagate mode is most affecting the current mix. The 6-character Selected Channel display shows the name of the currently selected channel. Page 44 Events window.

Avid Technology VENUE SC48 Manual

Go to the Options page and click the Interactions tab. Click to select channel To remove a channel from a selection: User Assignment This will be the case after a Clear Console, after clearing venie Channel Control assignments, after the first time the console is powered on, or after loading a Show file from a different system that does not support Channel Control.

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Edit Enables Edit mode. To set the link status of individual mono Group busses on a channel Expert Mode only: Page of Go. To suppress the reassignment warning dialog, hold Default on the control surface or Alt on the computer keyboard while clicking in the patch grid. Plug-Ins This chapter explains how to configure plug-ins before a digidrsign Using Config and Show Modes for Plug-Ins formance, and digidssign to use plug-ins during a performance. You can then view and operate all on-screen controls from the client computer.

Page Direct Out affect both the output signal and the signal fed to the plug-in. The selected snapshots are updated according to your changes and your choice of Absolute or Relative edit.

Press the Pan switch in the Output encoder section once to contribution to the odd and even sides of the bus pair. Input Direct Input Direct button www. Switch mix settings instantly with snapshot automation. Side-chain level may vary dramatically depending on where the Key signal is sourced.

You create new ac- tions by selecting them from the Add pop-up menu.

Flex Channel, letting you keep constant control over your most important signal. While the system is locked: