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Get this from a library! Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version. [Amara Hewamadduma; Madhyama Saṃskr̥tika Aramudala (Sri Lanka); Sri Lanka. Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha’s own teaching and hence. For the Sinhala scholar and for those who have come to be identified as the work on the Dhammapada (one of the central texts of the Buddhist canon). Thus.

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If you encounter any problems listening to our songs, we would appreciate your feedback so that we can correct them. Whoso in the world overcomes this base unruly craving, from him sorrows fall away like water-drops from a lotus-leaf.

Weeds sinhzla the bane of fields, delusion is the bane of mankind. Then only may one rightly say in the words of the Dhammapada: The carts would not stir an inch but instead the thongs and straps broke. Special care was taken not to deviate from the traditional commentarial interpretations.

This matter was reported to the Buddha and He advised the monks to exert themselves as did the elephant stuck in mud. But the Buddha advised him to practise patience and compared Himself to an elephant who had entered the battlefield prepared to endure all attacks. He questioned the Buddha about the matter. The prose order of each stanza is provided, with the meaning of each word explained. English Dhammapada Chapter dhamampada The Buddha uttered this verse sibhala connection with an ascetic who attempted to kill a lizard.

As the jasmine creeper sheds its withered flowers, even so, O bhikkhus, should you totally cast off lust and hatred. The devotee was sad and he went to the Buddha to inquire why the monks had ceased to accept his alms. A presumptuous monk deliberately committed a wrong act by pulling out blades of grass. Take delight in heedfulness.


In preparing this translation I have consulted with profit the learned articles on the Dhammapada written by my revered teacher, the Venerable P.

The pleasure in Truth excels all other pleasures. Dhaammapada first 5 files for CD1 etc. Circumstances that led to these noble utterances are presented in the form of long or short stories together with traditional interpretations dhammalada the Pali verses gathha technical terms, in the voluminous commentary written by Buddhaghosa.

A monk who had been an elephant-trainer was watching an elephant-trainer failing to control the animal. The monks saw this and mentioned it to the Buddha. Consequently she realized the transitoriness of life.

The husband, suspecting the Arahant, beat him soundly in spite of the pleadings of his wife, who vouched for his innocence. Grab the first of its kind – Malayalam Catholic Bible on Android!

When the monks reported the matter to the Buddha, He advised them to fortify themselves. It hurls down, is supple, and is hard to loosen. In reply the Buddha uttered this verse. One should not rest satisfied with a mere perusal of these golden sayings. The monks thought that the Arahant had done so in anger. The Dhammapada is not a book to be read superficially like a novel and shelved aside.

by Ven Nàrada

The Buddha replied that the bond of craving was a thousand times stronger. But before long he attained Arahantship. They lead the trained horses or elephants to an assembly. The verses dealing with hatred and its appeacement are of special significance in this atomic age. Many with a yellow robe on their necks are of evil disposition and uncontrolled. He made a suggestion to another monk. The Buddha promised to answer if he would enter the Order.

Dammapadaya’s Blog | Pali chanting with Sinhala verses

The very first two stanzas briefly represent the ethico-philosophical system of the Buddha. Once he came to the Buddha and succeeded in divining the place and state of rebirth of several but failed in the case of an Arahant. Self-guarded and mindful, O bhikkhu, you will live happily. Bribed by a lady of the court who had a grudge against the Buddha, many people severely abused the Buddha. As he was chafing under the Holy Life he was taken to the Buddha. The Dhamma is to be studied with the object of practising it.


Great Snhala Would you like tell us about a great song that is dhammapqda in our collection? The Buddha, recognising him, dismissed him saying that he had nothing to do with the farther shore and uttered this verse. When he mentioned his impressions of the different sights to the Buddha He uttered this verse. Let him not despise what he has received, nor should he live envying the gains of others.


Craving for personal sense-fields, such as eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind, and for external sense-fields, such as form, sound, scent, taste, contact, and dhammas mental objectswhen viewed in the foregoing three aspects, divides itself into thirty-six varieties. Sinhwla Buddha, advising him, explained the state of a bhikkhu. Sakka inquired of the Buddha who she was. Bombs will be met with bombs.

In obedience to the Buddha, though with reluctance, prince Dgammapada entered the Order on his wedding day. Pleasant is merit when life is at an end. Misconstruing his attitude, the monks reported the matter to the Buddha. Pleasant is steadfast confidence.