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Gatha 3 – buddhaguna () · Gatha 4 – dhammaguna () · Gatha 5 – sanghaguna (sa^) · Gatha 6 – blessing. Dhammapada. Gatha, Sentence Translation, Sentence Structure. Vocabulary&Grammar, Commentary, Pronunciation. List of Abbreviations. yo ca pubbe pamajjitva paccha so. The Dhammapada verses are chanted on these tracks by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swaminwahanse and the Sinhala.

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Relating how in some of her past births she had enjoyed high estate and in others suffered degradation, He spoke on the manifold evil consequences of craving. Buddhism appeals both to the masses and to the intelligentsia. This verse was uttered by the Buddha about a young man who, through faith, entered the Order, but later, tempted by sensual pleasures, returned to dhammapasa household life.

When both husband and wife were listening to a sermon from dhammapxda Buddha the maid-servant came there and related the whole incident.

Evil-doers on account of their evil deeds are born in a woeful state. When he came to the presence of the Buddha it disappeared. Later, the children tenderly cared for their father.


All have I overcome, all do I know. He saw the woman following the Arahant. A goddess, who had her abode in the cave, made a false gatga against him in order to drive him away. An evil dhammapada gatha sinhala is better sinhalw done: In beings there arise pleasures that rush towards sense-objects and such beings are steeped in craving.

by Ven Nàrada

The Buddha promised to answer if he would enter the Order. Guard your mind well. All have I renounced. When the Buddha was cured of the pain he came to the Buddha and wished to know to what kind of person a gift should be given if it is to yield abundant fruit. An Arahant mistaking a cloth lying on the ground sihhala one abandoned by the owner, took it.

The dhammpada was not angered; on the contrary her words induced him to attain Arahantship.

The monks made fun of him. This matter was reported to the Buddha and He advised the monks to exert themselves as did the elephant stuck in mud.

Dammapadaya’s Blog | Pali chanting with Sinhala verses

Many with a yellow robe on their necks are of evil disposition and uncontrolled. He questioned the Buddha about the matter. Some monks passing a prison house observed the criminals bound by chains. The story, out of which the verses emerged, is also provided. When he returned to the monastery the other monks mentioned the matter to the Buddha.

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In preparing this translation I have consulted with profit the learned articles on the Dhammapada written by my revered teacher, the Venerable P. Later, he became a monk and attained Arahantship. What is the use of your antelope skin garment?


The monks explained the matter. Their ring-leader shadowed the woman, intending to kill her if she should return home before they had done their fell work. Chapter sinahla, Yamaka Vagga with Audio.

The first 5 files for CD1 etc. The stupid one, when he is torpid, gluttonous, sleepy, rolls about lying like a great hog nourished on pig-wash, goes to rebirth again and again.

The Buddha advised him not to do so and remarked that he who sees the Dhamma sees the Buddha. Some monks, observing the falling of some withered jasmine flowers, were stimulated to practise gattha more strenuously.

The streams craving flow everywhere.

They were also converted.