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Hello, I need to despeckle a scan of a document consisting of black text and greyscale images. Basically I want to remove all isolated pixels, but without. Despeckle removes undesired noise—small dots or stray pixels—that may be introduced to the page during the scanning process. Images that have been. Hi folks – just came upon this board looking for some help, so here goes: I need to find a way to setup a batch process which will run the.

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Hopefully, the chat agent’s suggestion above will work, because my Paperport that has worked flawlessly for years has now developed an unresolved problem that is interfering with production of a cleaned up copy of a. The subject is really quite complex and all images are different. That is, increasing resolution from dpi up to surely does help, but decreasing from to dpi probably does not.

Then sharpen with the Unsharp Mask filter. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also use the redaction tool to select all specks and then in a second step change them to white which hopefully matches your paper color. I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1.

If you have the negative, you will have better luck scanning it. When you scan documents, you always use the same orientation for which we will be left with rotated images correctly for reading, and with no other. I am very upset over this misrepresentation, because Acrobat X was serving me well, although Adobe has not abandoned support for it.


Using “Optimize Scanned PDF” to batch deskew/despeckle

It is not the scanner’s fault, I think it’s Isaac Newton’s fault! When you scanned the photo, did you turn on the dust removal feature? Sign up using Facebook.

To try Maestro for yourself, download the free trial version and begin taking advantage of all of its advanced features. So the suggest[ed] solution is to paste a text box over the random speckle or dot and then delete it just like I would do to text. When this is not possible, such as in cases where dedpeckle original document is old or poor in quality, the image processing capabilities of the software that you use can increase OCR accuracy.

And after the resample, sharpening with a Unsharp Mask filter is especially needed. Soft Sun by Toph. These filters were in Adobe Photoshop.

Descreen methods for Moiré patterns

Our rotation of the original just introduces yet another problem, and there is no one angle that will solve anything. One component of image clean-up is despeckling, which helps the OCR get through the stray marks on the page. The software tool that perform this type of elaboration do not require a scannrd intervention, are extremely fast and can work on monochrome, gray-scale or color.

Turn that on, cranked up to the maximum if necessary. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


By far the easiest answer is to use photo editing SW. Microtek and Umax provide excellent descreen filters. Regardless if or dpi is used, then resample the image to smaller final desired size. Sometimes it happens that graphs, tables, cards and processed similar to be printed in “landscape”, thath is always referring to a sheet of A4 paper, with the wide part of the paper as a base.

Clean Up Images with Despeckle – CVISION Technologies

PhotoDeluxe has the Despeckle filter that works well, and a Gaussian Blur filter that is named Soften. Took it right out. I used Adobe photoshop. Paperport is an application that scans and manages scanned documents. If Nuance can do it, surely Adobe could have done it in constructing Acrobat 12 using some non-patent violating workaround that enabled the Adobe customer, like me, to remove all disfiguring scznned and speckles from the digital.

It appears that you have a glossy surface with a pebbled texture. Purchase an aerosol can of dulling spray at an art supply store and dust the surface enough to remove the highlights. Our products that implement the Despeckle technology Recogniform Desktop Reader.

Therefore, it is possible that in some cases, the pattern may not be as noticeable when printed.