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Based on a hidden order which can be solved for any financial market, The DELTA Phenomenon, discovered by Welles Wilder® actually plots expected market. In the same year, Sloman sold the DELTA method to Welles Wilder, the Wilder decided to publish The Delta Phenomenon giving 75 percent of the profits to. My name is Welles Wilder. 1 wish that I could say that I discovered this phenomenon, but I’m not that smart. It all began with a phone call. It was the second week.

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This rotation may change in an Inversion Time Window.

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East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The series has 8 points and Point 1 comes near the orange line. The date will always be a weekday If you should punch in a Saturday or Sunday, the nearest weekday will be printed.

The number of Delta Turning Points beginning with Point 1 and ending with the last point in the series. My favorites, the financials, currencies, etc.

For a particular market, once one discovers the number of points that repeat and where the repeat begins, he is able to predict where in time each of these points will occur as far in the future or the past as he may phejomenon to go.

Since that is the case, don’t be bothered if a wellea comes on one side of a colored line in one series and on the other side of the line for the next series. Something else that says a lot is that last year, 10 members who had followed Della for a year or so decided to become directors. The major rule is as follows: There would be no annual maintenance fee for Directors. Wildr this case, the accuracy is that of the turning points.

I came back from a trip and among my calls to return was a call from one Jim Sloman. I do think there are cycles in the market and I wonder how much this method just picks up some of the cycles. It is so simple. It is not based on trend identifiers, momentum studies, moving averages or oscillators, whether simple or complex.

The Ten Rules as they are referred to by members do not involve when to enter or exit the market, but rather how to keep losses small, do the right thing, and avoid the kind of fatal mistakes that can take you out. Click here to go back to Stock Trading Infocentre Home page. This would also be the first series that actually used the interaction of all three bodies. Mackhan hired a lawyer who exchanged letters with my attorneys. After the interview is a Table of Contents and then the book begins.


After he went through the whole process and cranked it out on his computer, the result was that the Delta points were the same then as they are now Actually the relative accuracy of the monthly commodities or stocks is about the same as the weeklies. Please send an application form and trust agreement by return mail.

My Book Reviews

The only losses I have had came when I tried to pick bottoms and tops and that was my fault. By reading this book ‘The Delta Phenomenon’ you will have access to a Million Dollars phenoenon of stock trading market secret, because that is what Mr. I devised a format that placed the Delta points across the top of the page on the X axis and the date for the beginning of each series on the vertical axis to the left.

At this point we had three time frames for Delta Even though there has not been an inversion in this market in over 50 years, no one has discovered that there are 6 Delta turning points in each four year series that have phenomennon directly not inversely every four years for the last 50 years.

In Marechal drew a projection of what the stock market would do for wellees next fifteen years. It all began with a phone call.

It appeared that the reason might be that the number 4 was involved in the time frames which related to two of the bodies. The first thing most people do when phebomenon receive a new book is to read the table of contents and then skim through the book quickly to get an idea of what it’s all about. One thing you have no doubt recognized about all Delta turning points is that they are irregular.

Jim seemed a bit surprised that I had picked phfnomenon up so quickly, but it just seemed so logical to me. It sounds phdnomenon accuracy is assured with Delta. They also would, over time, probably get back as much or more from the proceeds of this book than their membership cost initially.

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The package does include a protection device so that the program can only be run on the computer with the device installed. Jim loves to discover things and share his discoveries. What we are saying is that each market is locked into this interaction of the sun, moon, and earth. One is that f would fike to think that this knowledge will not die with you.

BOOK REVIEW: The Delta Phenomenon

He started out on the corporate ladder, became a high achiever but felt that something was missing. Make checks payable to: Below that two options appear.

Whether we are awake or asleep, whether it is hot or cold, the seasons, day and night, months, years, even the tide of the oceans. As usual, notice one of the very important things about Delta, that is, where the big moves are likely to occur For example, the earth is going around the sun, the moon is going around the earth and the earth is revolving on its own axis, etc.

There is nothing magical about the full moon. The book’s a bit pricey but if your’e into the unconventional, you might find it interesting.

The Delta Phenomenon

My name is Welles Wilder. I am not known to throw money around. Does it even mean that I could take credit for discovering it?

If you have followed and understood what has been said to this point, you understand the Delta phenomenon When Jim came to Greensboro in the fall of to double check my work on Delta, we decided to become partners in Delta and other discoveries that Jim might make in the future. It was one of the few times where I wasted money on a trading resource. It can be stated wleles just eight words!

How about plus or minus three days.