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Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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Put a lascannon, multimeltas and track guards on your Leman Russ Exterminator and for points you’ll have a very good, mobile all rounder unit that can react to almost everything on the battlefield.

It should be korsp in the back or moving up with your infantry providing them with some light special weapon support and a buff from the regimental banner.

If you combine units, you spend CP to make a unit that is more vulnerable to battleshock losses, not less only in the Fight Phase they can’t be respawned anymore, either.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E)

May transport ten infantry units without Jump Packs or Mounted. Some credit must be given to the old standby. Psychic Powers [ edit ] Guard Psykers are drawn from the Scholastica Psykanaand thus don’t have a regiment; however they’re the only Psykers with the Astra Militarum keyword, so if you want regiments, doctrines, and all that good jazz without adding another detachment, you’re limited to the Psykana discipline.

Keep a Commissar nearby in case Perils kills him- he’ll still die, but it’ll prevent mortal wounds from spilling over to anyone else. Slightly okayish in close combat. Still, better than a Plasma Pistol. Also the only way in the game to stack multiple orders on one unit, though the bonus orders can’t be the same as the first so no, you can’t deagh Fix Bayonets like 10 times if you keep making the roll. Imperial Titans are protected by void shield generators.


It’s pretty even, as by the lisst a Centaur would be dead, a Lisy so crippled it doesn’t matter anyway. Note, specifies unit with a vox-casternot model you use it when the unit dies, not the kist model with the casterand if several models all die kors, you can choose which is the last to be removed from the table, to maximize the potential victims of this stratagem.

They’re identical to their entry in Index: Ordered unit can shoot, even if it advanced in the movement phase. The other hard one to channel, but a hell of a lot more powerful. Fortified Positions Fortified positions must be set up after objectives have been placed but before spacecraft and garrisons are set up. Furthermore you’ll consistently put out a lot of firepower without the need of staying in range of a Tank Commander. Using 2 Battalions and 1 Spearhead I could get Because of the revision to the way AP works it’s in direct competition with the Heavy Bolter; this ALSO means it’s in in direct competition with your armh motor pool.

Who said the conventional army fighting spooky paranormal activity was being screwed? Warhammer Tactics 7E Imperial Guard. We’ve got you covered. This opens up some interesting listbuilding ideas, such as combining mechguard troops with Skitarii snipers or Cult Mech deathrobots, fo the Enginseer can repair whatever he pleases from either list as long dfath they share the same Forge World.

The artillery in question can’t fire that turn, but it’s useful enough to keep them out of range of opponents. If you are getting your men close preferably via a transport or Valkyrie melta can be the better option. With the Big FAQ that came out in April ofthe potential for limits of a single datasheet could be imposed which would restrict the number of heavy weapon teams one could take potentially making it harder to specialize units en masse making more versatile options more appealing.

View the Gorgon as a mass transporter to move your Korpsmen into rapid fire range.


[] – Death Korps of Krieg – pt starter army – Forum – DakkaDakka

krps Useful for getting a Scout sentinel to an unguarded objective or out of trouble, but only applies to one unit, and can’t be applied to an Armoured Sentinel; sacrificing a turn of shooting makes it extremely situational, and it doesn’t even benefit a unit with a chainsaw blade, as they can’t charge, either.

The autocannon does, however, act as an the intermediate between those two. The Company command squad is a 50pt upgrade to the normal Death Rider platoon Command squad, and gives them a Colonel who gets Senior Officer and an improved stat-line but only gets the same upgrade options as the regular platoon commander. Minotaur Artillery Tank Forge World: The Lightning finds its niche as the cheaper option with slightly more expansive payload options.

I don’t care about running jungle fighters or cadian things.

If you already have it or Tank Orders, issue one extra order instead Tank Commanders don’t get infantry orders. But one member of his squad may also replace their hunting lance with the regimental standard.

Note that the Hades Breaching Drill is not a unit and so may not be shot at nor have hits applied to it. This is why Watchmasters should give all of the other options here a complete miss, unless maybe they have a priest. Hades Breaching Drill Squad: I can explain the title to you again, if you need help. Units in a gun emplacement may not be barged by a war engine. Death Korps of Krieg formations come in two types: Up to ten models in the unit armed with grenades lisy throw their grenades this phase instead of only one- basically the AM rip-off of the Death Guard grenade stratagem.