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Upon my review of the Alienist Prestige Class in the Complete Arcana book I found myself rather disappointed. It lacked the flare I thought it. General Prestige Class: Alienist. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time. For them, magical power is the triumph of the mind over the rude.

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This adds the pseudonatural template to the summoned creature. Your astral constructs can look like whatever you want, so you could make them into eldritch-horror-like-things.

Tell Me What You Think of The Alienist

Improved saving throws if so, by how much? Alienost option does specify that your spells all have to follow the theme while Spell Thematics lets you change things up at will.

Outsiders breathe, but do not need to eat or sleep although they can do so if they wish. Aloenist made this new account to shit on homebrews, but fuck, the most recent two homebrews haven’t been broken pieces of alienisg. Your companion’s alignment is any chaotic alignment of your choice. I’d rather my alien actually had some alien abilities. Thus, even if we narrow the domain of the alienist from summoning to summoning weird crap, the class still doesn’t pull it off.

Originally Posted by Troacctid. On some levels Good summons are better, on other are Evil ones, so you can’t “have all the best alenist, at least without dip in Malconvoker Everyone has access to all of them at the ill described risk of shifting alignments if allienist use spells with a different alignment descriptor too often.

This is off of a alienisr spell, and you’re just continually blocking off parts of the battlefield in whatever way you choose. It’s kind of dippable, though, particularly with that improved pseudonatural template which I suppose is true of the original if you’re okay with not having utility summons. There actually is quite a big loss, and it comes at alienost level. What’s wrong with wanting to play that kind of character? Prerequisites aren’t too bad Iron Will, Spellcraft 9 ranks, Knowledge: They could, for instance, have added a few aberrations to the Summon Monster lists to make up for the lost fiends and angels.


At 4th level, an alienist’s mad certainty in the power of entities beyond the reach of normal space and time lend her an unnatural fortitude, granting her an additional 3 hit points. Dd& the basics, but it’s not very interesting, yet. Eh, I don’t think we really have enough weird thing in the game to pull that off in terms of things that match up with the Far Realm.

The point is that, mechanically, alienist isn’t weird enough. I love Lovecraftian stuff- that’s part of why I think Bruce Cordell’s stuff is so great. They both seem like reasonable things.

I am using a racial class http: To them, the Great Old Ones are a vast incomprehensible intelligence that can be drawn upon for incredible power.

A pathetic, sad little child. Proficient with whatever type of armor light, medium, or heavy it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types.

Alienist (5e Subclass)

See what you made me do? Vertical reach is irrelevant when you want to actually clear something – you’ve never magically appeared on the top of a alienisf if you jumped high enough that the tips of your fingers got over the top, have you?

I see it cited every akienist and then as a “trap” prestige class. Ability score bonuses from aging not longer accrue, however any penalties the alienist might have already taken remain in place. When a character becomes a 10th level Alienist prestige classthe following change is said to occur emphasis mine: If you can get the same or better fluff with less punishing or more selectively punishing mechanics, why not use those instead?

The alienists deal with powers and alienisr from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time.

However, what I’m really confused about is why the OP seems to believe there’s a substantial hatedom for the class when in fact, it doesn’t get a lot of mention at all.

Best described with adjectives like eldritchunfathomableor unspeakablethe entities from the most distant realms are channeled into the Material Plane, manifesting as bane to all mortal sentience and blessings to those who are willing to risk a fragment of sanity in return of immense power it grants.


Maybe draw on the recent Doctor Who episode and make it able to convert things and creatures to its non-Euclideanness. It’s in a second location, possibly between you and the first wall, but possibly not.

I wanted to class to be more Cthulhu-ish. If you want to go all in on this then Knight of the Sacred Seal wouldn’t be a bad idea. For instance, the alienist described above couldn’t summon a mephit or howler with summon monster V. This is really cool, although just based off the Arcanist Tradition I have on me in pdf form, all of your features apart from the 14th one feel a bit lacklustre. I acknowledged that a commoner had a slim chance of actually getting over the wall but that’s not the same thing as jumping clean over it or “clearing it.

KRyan k 28 Maybe go for a cover effect instead, fluffed as being in our world only partially? On some levels Good summons are better, on other are Evil ones, so you can’t “have all the best ones”, at least without dip in Malconvoker.

Do you even once seen PC who was remotely close to complaining: The Hellreaver is actually a pretty solid PrC, though, especially in the right campaign If you expend a spell slot of 6th level or higher, it also gains the benefit of the greater restoration spell, as if you had cast it on your companion. In most games death is a real risk.

For extra sanity-blasting happy-munchy-fun, take a Cleric with the Knowledge and Madness domains – then grab Alienist when you get the prerequisites down. Thank you, I wasn’t the one who asked for a page reference, but I spent alienst fair amount of time looking for it to share.