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Dungeons & Dragons: Player’s Handbook 2- Roleplaying Game Core Rules [ Jeremy Crawford, Mike Player’s Handbook 3: A 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook. From the publisher’s web site: Player’s Handbook 2 expands the range of The book adds a new power source for 4th Edition D&D: classes using the new. So, I’m theory-building out the classes from PHB2 that none of the players were interested in switching. So far it’s been instructive, but I’ve hit.

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Wardens draw on the primal spirits of earth, trees, and beasts to transform their bodies, giving them strength to stand against their enemies. I am fascinated by the design decisions in 4e and all the ways that they took lessons learned from MMOs and applied it to pen and paper design. The goliath racial encounter power is to get a bit of damage resistance for a round or pb2, which could be handy. Jesse Kiser rated it it was amazing Dec 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Barbarian daily powers are all a big attack followed by a “rage”, which is like a stance in that it gives some on-going benefit until the encounter ends or another rage is used.

Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook 2: A 4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook

From the publisher’s web site: I’m supposed to believe they didn’t consider gnomes and half-orcs in early pitch meetings? Dragon Issue – Mar So many grownups, not enough adults. If you don’t want the extra races and classes, you don’t need to incorporate them, but if the variety in the first book isn’t enough, or if you’re just wanting to add a few more flavors to your campaign, this is well worth it.


Manuale del Giocatore 2. Originally Posted by TheEmerged. Erik rated it liked it Nov 15, Fey wardens are charged with preserving lands touched or otherwise influenced by the Feywild, and they are often.

phb22 This chapter introduces five new races, from the humble gnome to the exalted deva. The bardic powers that teleport all over the place just feels hilarious and ridiculous to me. If you are a player, and you like new ideas–this book has some classes never in the game before, and as a gm it is useful, too.

As god of the wilderness, Melora is sometimes seen as an ally of the ph2 spirits. These primal spirits declared an end to the conflict, asserting that the world would no longer be a battleground for the two opposing forces. Darkwolf rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Overall I’m liking the power selection but I’ve hit something of a snag with feat selection.

You have the memory of a thousand lifetimes power. Oh well, at least now there’s a PC race with the “immortal” origin. Also included is additional rules for Backgrounds, s&d feats, new magic items and rituals and an appendix with rules updates and clarifications along with an updated glossary of keywords.

The shaman’s offensive powers are mostly ranged 5, so in theory it could stand well behind the front line and still be useful. Published March 17th by Wizards d&&d the Coast first published January 1st Most of those are melee attacks, but some let the druid turn into a bird or a swarm of bugs or something and get some extra abilities.


The spirits of angels that took fleshly form.

D&r Druid’s Wild Shape ability, in particular, is little more than a special effect, which seems like a missed opportunity, especially given how well World of Warcraft has used travel forms and combat beast forms. If you are a player, and you like new ideas–this book has some classes never in the game before, and as a gm it A good solid addition to the 4E library.

Player’s Handbook 2 (D&D 4e) | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Nah, who aside from you would ever thing that is the intent. Methinks some realized dd&d a little late that a couple of now-infamous feats could cause some troubles. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Kord is occasionally called the lord of the storm spirits, and both Corellon and Sehanine have ties to the D&x that make them friendly with nature spirits.

Add tags Tags separate by space: Matt Sernett Goodreads Author Contributor. I’m not complaining, mind you, but I do find it humorous.