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Singularity [David Sereda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. David B. Sereda is an all-purpose wingnut, fantasist, and con-man. http:// “Singularity” will become the Grand Theory of Everything, the Holy Grail right now, if anyone can help write me at [email protected]

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I am looking for a publisher for the book right now, if anyone can help write singulqrity at DavidSereda Hotmail. Singularity will become the ultimate tool to problem solve. It can be applied to any field of human experience. Singularity overcomes all resistance, all inertia, all suffering, all disease, all limitations. It allows you to move in and out of and overcome any Human Problem, Human Experience, any System, any Galaxy, any Universe, and ultimately leads to the Source of all Creation.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said, “For this reason I say, if one is Single, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness. It is the point of origin where we must all return. When we attain Singularity, we can create anything, move at any velocity, jump any dimension, and attain omniscience.

It helps you understand where you are in the universe, how singularkty got here, your limitations, and how to solve them. I agree with your concept of “Singularity” and I do understand the idea.

However, I am just wondering if this is just throretical idea or if u have a technique by which u can achieve this state of Sigularity?

David Sereda

And if u do, is it simple enogh that u be able to convey it to the masses? Would the masses be able to accept understand and test the concept for themselves because I don’t think one can do it for someone else, one would have to learn it by oneself thro’ one’s own experience.

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I’ve just started my own blog about expresso coffee reviews if you would like to take a look. Keep up the good work. I listened to your show about singularity on C2C and loved it. I have also seen your Evidence movie. I is refreshing to finally see science and spirituality melding together.

For those who are interested in that, I would also recommend starting with the movie “What the bleep do we know”. Its a great starting point for those who want to see the relationship between quantum physics and sprituality. I do believe that mankind is on the verge of a shift in conscienceness. I can’t think of a better move than into singularity. Thanks for all your hard work David. I listened to C2C.

Sereda’s comments are at best singularigy made by a new-age cultist, attempting to reinvent spiritualityon a basis that is none-other than science fiction. A novelest is what he is. His ideas are good explorative avenues, although upon further scientific investigation are not exactly feasible. These ideas that are presented in his media are none other than fanciful elaborated fluff Furthermore, your disk with the bite taken out of it representing a “saucer” I am anonymous here, but the inner-knowledge of NASA is a loop I am most certainly a part of.


In some colleagues of mine took your theory and packed it right back into your waterbong. I am a major proponent of unification of space, time, existance, doughnuts, and spirituality with something that is as easily and widely understood by all of humanity as your galaxy spiral pinwheel drawing.

David Sereda Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Singularity by NamasteRadio | Mixcloud

To present your scientific philosophies as true without proof, is like trying to scout karaoke bars for musical talent You might find 1 out of who are worthy of your time; similarly, new-age cultists like you are in that pool of the other dereda Ron Hubbard says you can be your own God What will your seredw be? Today, scientists in the Institutions and government agencies want to control all of our thoughts as if they have the answers.

These are seredaa same people who are standing on the ground and cannot explain gravity, cannot find the graviton and cannot travel anywhere near the speed of light. If we follow them, we will remain stuck on a small planet traveling a few times faster than the speed of sound. What I offer is a new Physics that breaks their laws. I am a lawbreaker rebel and I will prove them wrong. I believe in singularity.

singgularity The discovery that what I was searching for existed inside myself and in each and everyone else has changed my life forever. It is not an easy journey but the only one that will move you beyond dualism. Good day to everyone. I recently woke up to all of this subject and have been pretty seriously interested for several months with a lot of catching up to do. I have listened to many discussions and read many opinions and papers on the UFO phenomenon serwda kind of have a fairly good general impression of what is out there for education purposes currently.

Clearly, interest in this subject is growing markedly and gathering a pretty widespread acceptance as a valid if not essential field of inquiry. Is everything he says perfect? No, of course not. But then this can be said of anyone else on any other subject as well. When one considers that for those interested in this subject and committed to understanding the issues, it is absolutely an up-hill battle to get any validated information and to make substantive progress.

Clearly those who are in charge of national policy and of investigative dollars and of information are not interested in cooperating or telling what sereds know, and this is a gross understatement. Unfortunately the subject is so withheld from view and so swept under the rug that the result is that one can not even have a conversation with his friends about these issues without being labeled as a crack-pot or a UFO weenie – this the sad result of what is apparently our national policy. It is very hard to try to decipher the purpose of the continued cover-up by our govermemt when we are relegated to analysis of externals only and virtually signularity is confirmed – even singuarity, the tide seems to be swinging now with numerous credible sources of both current and past government officials coming forward to disclose that there is more to the subject than is being admitted.

As I mentioned above, the reason I find it necessary to burn the program for hand-off to my friends is that unless one hears the entire subject laid out as David does in his program of last night, the fragmented story only draws responses of doubt and occasional ridicule – due to a lack of full grasp of the issues by those uninformed. As I end this too-long note, I close by saying that I am a thrity year veteran of the military, retired Lt Colonel whose primary job on active duty was as an intelligence officer.


I can verify that the ‘black’ programs and ‘compartmentalization’ effectively closes off any subject from casual inquiry and that during my entire career I never encountered a report of or official discussion of the UFO phenomenon.

There are two relevant points IMO: I believe when we find out why is has been withheld, eventually, we will be amazed to learn that it was for some stupid reason after all. Think what you will about all of this, but in my considered view, David Sereda is doing mankind a great service with his initiatives. I applaud his efforts, and I am not alone.

Hi David, I’m wondering if you could make your book davud for purchase as an e-book until you have it published? I would really like to see this as soon as I can. What I heard you say on the radio the other night has made such a big difference already in my life, and has had a huge impact on me for the better. I think there was just one or two missing pieces to the puzzle about all this, and you helped supply it. I want to thank you very much for that!

Of course, I’m speaking of your book “Singularity”. That is what I would like to read, and I especially found your comments during the first 30 minutes of the last hour of the show, to be most insightful and helpful. David, I heard your comments on your theory of singularity on a podcast for the June 4th show on C2C. And I know what you are saying to be true. I would really like to discuss this further sintularity you – over email, or whatever medium you feel most comfortable.

I must say, that segeda quest for zero gravity will prove fruitless by mechanical means. It needs to be done on a more ‘spiritual’ level. After all, if the matter is able to bend the laws of the universe, how can the pilots who are still very much susceptible to these same laws expect to do the same thing?

I am looking forward to reading your book and comparing notes. As for myself, I am schooled in ancient religion and languages, trying to excavate the ancient teachings from the fragments we have left. I would like to talk with you more about this and look forward to talking with you in the future.

Awfully dishonest to package a Christian book as a science singulxrity physics book. Do you have any idea how angry I was after pages to find out that you had 3 face to face talks with Jesus and 5 with Mary while you lived in a tent for 5 years? Science gets tossed out the window when you say that “singularity is Jesus. But you already had the conclusion, and had to find some way to jam science into your viewpoint that its all about Jesus. You state so many insanely ridiculous things in this book that I cant even begin to list them.

I guess you arent aging anymore since you told all of your bodys cells to not do that anymore. Hows that working out for you? You have the nerve to even mock the reader on the last page with your yep, this whole thing has been about Jesus comment. Thanks for wasting my singulariyt. At least I didnt pay for this waste of a publication.