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See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 6 of this data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION. LM ALYW. G. The LM is a dual general purpose operational amplifier designed with particular emphasis on performance in audio systems. This dual amplifier IC utilizes. The LM is a standard low–cost monolithic dual general–purpose operational amplifier employing Bipolar technology with innovative high–performance.

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Started by clintrubber The Lab. Started by jetboatguy The Lab. Started by Anonym The Lab. Sorry if it is a stupid question.

IC equivalent of LM833 or NE5532

The “N” is just the package. If it fits, it will work. Ignorant, but there is an awful lot of little stuff to learn. You can’t buy a LM They may also make it in teeny-weeny SOP or SOIP or whatever packages that are smaller than the tip ,m833 my soldering iron, and much smaller than my eyes.

There may be additional letters indicating special grade or temperature though I don’t think there are variant grades of LM But if you read the numbers, it is less than 0.

I could hide one between the pins of a tube socket.

That’s too small for me. What is the world coming to? Octal tube sockets were the right size for building stuff: I had to dig to be un-ignorant about the “X” on some LM part numbers: Obviously if you are building a million items with inky-dinky M or MM chips, you probably want them on tape to fit your robotic stuffing machine.

Too small for my eyes, but they never made integrated circuits any bigger, and I soldered a lot of DIPs in my youth. Datasheeg will also sell you a “LM” as a naked chip, no epoxy or pins, and apparently even as a wafer of thousands of dice that you can saw-apart yourself.

If you have die-bonding machines and wafer-saws, you datasheft call National and find out how much alphabet-soup goes on the end of “LM Not at all a “stupid question”. A note of additional caution: Thanks, PRR – great explanation. Thank You very much for teaching such a valuable lesson. I have no words left PRR on October 13, The LM generic web page is so guys like you get a result when typing in partial part numbers.


At the end of the data sheet there is a list of full part numbers with package types.

Datasheet «LM833»

If you try to buy a LM without the rest of the part number they probably won’t let you, but try it and tell us what you get.

PRR gave comprehensive and correct advice, as usual. Seems that you haven’t even read my post before replying JohnRoberts on June 21, June 22, TI bought National Semi a few years back, and absorbed its parts into their system. The datasheet for the LMN is the old National datasheet for the LM dztasheet the other one is the datasheet for the TI version of the dxtasheet part and it was dated Julyi.

Are they now made from the same die? Don’t know, but at some point they most datasheeg will be if not already. Free Schematics and Projects – http: Thanks for explanation Jack!

So the N suffix means it’s the “National Semiconductors” version. Have nothing to do with the lm383 versions. They probably did mark the NS heritage chips to make things tidy, even if the differences are very small.

I dug up an old National Linear Databook I had on my shelf. In it under LM, they specified two “order numbers”.

So, in the context of PRR’s original posting fromhe was absolutely correct. So, in when this thread began, TI wasn’t in the game. Now is the “newer” TI better or worse datashset the satasheet National version is anyone’s guess. Brian Roth on June 22, Anyway, why not use a instead, since it outperforms the in many aspects? Who’s right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is what ‘s right or wrong. Werber Star ground is for electricians. Yes, it appears that TI renumbered the part when TI bought National; and that they currently have two sheets on the website and they don’t quite agree.


Yes, it does appear that TI has replaced National’s “N” designation with a “P” designation in the several years since I wrote that. So really 5mA vs 8mA. Note super-small print on first page of “LM” sheet If you bake a hundred, and find 3. Or have hyper-fussy customers driven you to CYA with broader margins on published numbers?

And this also depends on the market. Cell-phones do have to watch every mA. Power chips with large current needs, again you may have to watch your mAs. Jellybean wall-power chips, who cares if an individual chip is 5mA or 9mA? We might care in a chip board, difference between a mA and a mA supply.

LM Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

OTOH the statistics of chip making dagasheet that up around chips you are as likely to find some on the low end as the high end, and the average is likely to be near the so-called ha-ha “typical”. I persist in my teaching.

You can’t buy a “LM” the same way you can’t buy a “Honda Accord”. One was no-moonroof, plastic hubcaps, and basic radio; one was leather seats, wider tires, and CD changer. With the smaller engines you then had to specify row-box or slush-box gears. And of course cars have colors. Each of these must be an additional digit in the code-number the salesman has to put into the order system.

And perhaps the HP option was “Q” in but “M” in I always thought N was lower noise and LN was even lower noise, seems I was wrong. Can I replace s tant cap with an electrolytic? September 16, November 11, January 23, September 01, ,