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Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu is a Romanian sociologist and an expert in the situation in Republic of Moldova. Phone, Suggest a phone number Dan Dungaciu. likes. Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu is a Romanian sociologist and an expert in the situation in Republic of Moldova. Dan Dungaciu. likes. Dan Gheorghe Dungaciu este un sociolog și geopolitician român, director al Institutului de Științe Politice și Relații.

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And NATO has so far made no delimitation because there are countries which see the main danger coming from the East, others see it dsn in the South.

This is why Dxn am saying it is a waste of money even though they are right. Wars involving the Soviet Union Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Order of Honour Order of Honour Romanian: In the media it works the same way as in politics: Inhe defended his thesis, in philosophy, at the University of Bern.

Moldova ante portas

So the Russians launched these signals. This is why Romania should be concerned Russian presence in Moldova is not thus legalized to have it right next to our borders. The answer is simple: And this why Russian await talks with the Americans.

We should not exaggerate as concerns this hybrid war, but look at it realistically. But not because Putin paid him to do so, but because the malfunction was already there. But NATO has been so far consistent with its own agenda which is everything which was politically decided in Wales is now being implemented: So how do we respond to this?

I have the feeling no one is talking about the Balkans unless crimes or the immediate integration are involved, see daan Croatian case. You asked about Moldova. Russia is one thing, Middle East and dzn is another thing. Serbians are simply making up, Soviet-style, an alphabet for the Vlachs down there, allegedly since it is a different language, they are still not allowed to pray in churches in their own language, those are purely aberrant issues. So we have a big de facto problem with Crimea.


Crimea will be sort of…remember America never recognized the Baltic States being annexed by the Soviet Union.

Moldova ante portas by Dan Dungaciu

Are such bases a solution? On the other hand, the Eastern countries do not perceive illegal immigration as dungsciu security threat. And I doubt they will that to this point because this will means all measure have been lost. First of all, an economic crisis.

The Order of Honour can be awarded also to organizations, institutions, etc. Because we have this strategic consistence which makes rise beyond Bulgaria which whether it has a socialist government or not it runs more towards Russia or America.

Articles from „Dan Dungaciu“

Member feedback about Virgil I. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. The former analysts NATO had during the Cold War are no longer in posts, there is a new generation which no longer sees Russia as the former Soviet Union, respectively aggressive and which dealt in geopolitical games in zero sum — we win what they lose and they lose what we win.

It is not Russia breaking up the European Union…. And this is what Romania has to point out, because this is its neighborhood. So I see this is an issue which is being kept on the agenda as a means of pressure on Russia, especially by that consistent part of the American decision makers.

I think the reasons are objective which relate daj a certain intellectual comfort which the Alliance has in thinking the partnership relation with Russia. But for now, Russia is not raising this issue nor is Romania, because the latter has no reason to do so. What is our relation with Serbia now, for instance? So it is a complicated matter, both technically and politically. Ran same in Georgia, the same in Ukraine.

Theoretically, if we look at the Ukrainian scenario, it could be carried out dungzciu the Baltic Countries where the Russian community can be penetrated by such techniques. Which is obviously too late because effects will be seen in time. This is a mere threat for now because Russians are compelled to answer both for external, but especially for internal use.


This is the very stake Russia is after. The Russian society now resembles its leaders. The difference between the Russian and the Western diplomats is that the Dujgaciu diplomats have been studying these files for 25 years now and know them by heart while Western diplomats came and then went back after a four year posting.

Romania negotiated this line, but did it starting from the premise Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Many countries in Europe do not see Russia as a direct threat…. The war that erupted in started to prevent a possible union with Romania with Transnistria as part of the Republic of Moldova. If this will be a dissuasive decision, that remains to be seen, but I for one see some gestures coming from Russia which are sending out the message it is not trying to go beyond some red lines.

We will in a few years wake up seeing the Balkans, if ignored, even harder to manage.

Because hybrid wars are like sum fungi which set upon sick bodies, hybrid war is the maximum fructification of a deep weakness. Their social media initiative LetMyPeopleGo garnered 2nd place in a social media competition online. Because 7 April when dungaciy youth took to the streets and changed the regime, the Russian TV stations were out there. English-language newspapers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Moldovan leaders are so corrupt, they have stolen billions, they sold the airport to the Russians.