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VCC1 is a power rail Double letters cc refer to power supply voltages. I knew I’d have to have a switch to re-enable the OSD and didn’t consider that too huge of a deal.

Fri Jan 15, 1: I know the KV-xxFV is the best flat model available- did you guys just have this model on hand or did you seek it out? Pin 40 is blanking. Users browsing this forum: My 10k pot on one of the switches pin and the other should have the entire circuit before the pin, correct? I cut the pin while the set was running, letting it “Float” It should always be grounded via a capacitor or the horizonatal runs off and pops the tube in about 1 second.

Look up the service manual for the set you’d want to do and review the block diagram, schematics, and chips employed.


If you check the TV schematic datashheet inspect the chassis you will find two hidden headers for Scart ports. Service manual here All Images Here If you’re any kind of modder you should be able to work out how I did it.


Fri Dec 08, But no, penny pinching was applied to the US market in the extreme Tue May 19, 3: Users browsing this forum: IF datashet is the solution anyway. Yep, i’ll pay those reasons.

Previous topic Next topic. Thank you for the info. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. This VVC1 line is 9v, is it ok to use it as my source for blanking feeding my 10k pot?

I don’t know why they should have bothered given that most people using prerecorded VHS tapes already faced copy protection schemes like Macrovision, and the format is lossy to begin with. Mon May 18, 9: I managed to free a few, but they don’t want to rotate far, and I do not wish to force them in case they break which I have dealt with before.

If I were to do it all over again dxa2154as wire 5v and ground to a 10k pot and the middle leg directly to the l2fil pin, with the pot turned mostly towards the ground pin but not all the way. Sun Dec 24, 9: Also, the best way to go into those RGB pins 41, 42, 43 is to remove the 0.


cxq2154as I’m curious if this model in the thread KVS42 is what people would call the best consumer curved Trinitron? I just want to say something, and in no way do I mean to be a dick.

CXAAS Datasheet, PDF –

Someone help me I bought a GBS converter card I tried to connect the pc in the neckboard did not work Look at the pictures and the video I made If someone can help me, I thank them https: If you represent a supplier and want to include your information here, please contact us.

Composite was shifted to the left to account for time needed for the comb filter and more importantly composite video decoding. I did find this ancient one which has listed S ync output, H in and V in for horizontal and vertical separation, a very different design from this one. Any general guidelines to know if it even has a chance of RGB being added?

Thu Jan 14, 2: It looks like pin 25 is used to blank for those particular inputs. URL product data for Sony Sun Jan 17, 5: Your mileage will vary, though.