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Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Graphics and Multimedia Notes pdf – GM notes pdf materials with multiple file links to download. The Graphics. CS GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Questions Bank Anna University e) Scaling. 6. Write short notes on two dimensional viewing & anti aliasing. 7. Cs – Graphics and Multimedia – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text (a) Write short notes on: [4 marks each] (i) Voice over IP.

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Explain 3D basic transformation with an example.


What is viewing transformation? Define 3D reflection and 3D shearing 9. What are the design issues for multimedia authoring? List some of the transformation functions Draw the diagram for multimedia architecture.

  IMM 5508 PDF

What are the parameters in the HLS color model?

What are the data objects used in a multimedia system? Write the four basic technologies used for flat panel displays Explain midpoint circle algorithm. How multimedia is used in Image Processing?

CS1354 – GRAPHICS $ MULTIMEDIA Unit – 1 Part

Discuss the evolving technologies for multimedia systems 5. How to represent an object on 3D scene? Write short notes on image animation 8. Anna University – B. What are the methods of motion specifications? Brief about select function and shut down functions. Explain Database Organization for Multimedia Applications.

CS GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Questions Bank ~ Vidyarthiplus (V+) Blog – A Blog for Students

What are the types of printer? What are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm? Joining Generations Multimedia Contest. Derive the decision parameters for the algorithm and write down the algorithm steps.

What are the characteristics of image and still wnd stores? Review article 41 Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.


How frame-by-frame animation works? Newer Post Older Post Home.

What is the difference between Window and View port? What is color model? Explain briefly the two categories of visible-surface detection algorithms ggaphics What is the process involved in film for creating a sound track? Integrated multimedia message standards b.

What are the different types of color models available? Explain the different file formats used in multimedia. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Rotation by clockwise b. Write note on a. What is Perspective projection?