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Don’t set body and html height to % in stylesheet if you are using cover pages . Set it to 99% instead. Formatting header. You can format bold texts by. Note: Make sure that style sheet is available on a server and provide absolute URL reference. Edit long Confluence pages by parts with InPlace Editor. Note that space stylesheets override the global stylesheet and the changes made in.

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As creating custom CSS has potentially limitless possibilities, Atlassian will not support issues that are caused by or related to CSS customization. The simpler the UI, the easier it may be for them to use. Hover the elements, then click the one you want to target. The simpler the UI, the easier it may be for them to use.

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Future versions of Confluence may not be compatible with your custom CSS — this may cause your Confludnce to break, requiring maintenance when Confluence is upgraded. Set the stylesheet Enter the code from the previous step, the element selector and the CSS property in curly confluennce This page explains the facility for making visual changes to the look and feel of Confluence with CSS.


Get fast answers from people who know. Styling Confluence with CSS. Below is an example with one stylesheet. Removing buttons or controls from the interface is not advised as it may frustrate your users and cause them to circumvent your design by using direct URL access, as mentioned above.

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Creating a Stylesheet Theme

In order to get you started, we have compiled this introduction, a basic styling tutorial and a more advanced tutorial.

Your designs needs to degrade gracefully. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. This can help you to roll out Confluence to users that may not be very Wiki-savvy yet.

Styling Confluence with CSS – Atlassian Documentation

You can upload a CSS text file, or simply type in a stylesheet, and apply it to a space or even a whole Confluence site. Like 1 person likes this.

To edit a space’s CSS style sheets: Before we begin with this guide it is important to understand thar our product does calculations and measurements to make content show up in the right place and position.

Styling a single page with CSS. Don’t rely on CSS to disable parts of Confluence. The later sections cover these details about further customisation of your stylesheet theme. But i can’t find any special page IDs or something to let this happen.


It is also one of the reasons we do not cover this in our support agreement. Take a note of the element selector and the CSS-property so that you can paste them in the custom stylesheet later. Learn more about AUGs.

stlyesheet If you are using an unsupported browser or browser version, some features may not confpuence correctly. You should only use this option if you cannot achieve the desired results via the global stylesheet.

See Easy Blue Stylesheet for information about which browsers are supported. We continually work to make the feature set more complete and more customizable. Confluence administrators should only enable custom CSS if they are comfortable with the risks listed in this paragraph.

The only difference is a manifest file generated automatically by the jar command line tool, which is completely unnecessary for your theme to work in Confluence.

Be aware of any plans to upgrade your Confluence instance. Be default the HTML macro is turned off, so you would need to enable it.