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An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world. Hempher is a British missioner who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage . Page 4 of 7 1 Waqf Ikhlas publications Confessions of a British Spy . Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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The Memoirs of Mr. Why are we fighting these innocent people? Our Prophet commanded us to follow any one of them 7 ]. Their difference is only in worships. He was right about his ordering Medina-i-munawwara plundered. Shaikh Jawad Yes, we can confessiin that he the Prophet said so. For you are single.

Hempher was an autobiographical account of a British spy who had infiltrated the Ottoman Empire in the early s. A tremendous army of people of this sort is on requisition for the realization of this goal. But I at once recovered from this diabolical [!

For the tree that I had planted and grown, spending the most valuable days of my youth, was now beginning to yield its fruit. An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world.

Some Khalifas forced the Sunnites to imitate one of these four scholars. I sensed that Muhammad of Najd desired a woman at that moment; he was single. It had a splendid yard, a gold-covered dome, and two tall minarets. I once asked a Shiite this: Allahu ta’ala has given both the religion and the world at the same time in this city.

He was then sent on a new mission to Basra, Iraq to study, stir and even provoke new separatist tendencies in the Muslim world. In order to obtain authority, we must take possession of hepmher sorts of media, try all possible methods. Together with their advisers and scribes, they would collect information on their assigned districts.


The book advised the following steps for destroying Muslims’ strongholds: Besides my primary duty, I was to learn very well Turkish, the native language of the Muslims being there. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Vusal Ferhadov rated it really liked it Jan 05, Confessiom I had to put an end to my company with Muhammad of Najd and leave Basra. Mix Sayyids with other people by making non-Sayyids wear black and green turbans. For instance, if you know what direction the enemy forces will come from, you will make preparations accordingly, post your forces at suitable positions, and thus hhempher the enemy.

But he stated it a condition that the matter be kept as a secret between us and that the woman not even be told what his name was.

Full text of “Confessions of a British Spy”

Encourage the civil servants to do things of this sort and reward those who serve us in this way. Parvin Abdurahmanov rated it really liked it Feb 26, For I was, so to speak, a visitor of ‘Ali the Amir-ul-Muminin. The third day of the mut’a nikah I had a long confessin with him over that hard drinks were not haram forbidden by Islam.

For instance, it must be said that an Arab cannot marry an Iranian, an Iranian cannot marry an Arab, a Turk cannot marry an Arab.

Every morning he conession disturb me by knocking hard at my door to wake me up as soon as the adhan for morning prayer was called. HizmetBooks reserves all conression rights. Sunnites, on the other hand, read books, and respected scholars and the Sultan.

There will come generations to complete this job.


Confessions of a British Spy

Either get married by the beginning of Rajab month, or leave the inn. Also, I said a few sentences in Turkish. Alcoholic spirits, gambling, fornication, pork, [and fights among sports clubs.

They said this wood was very useful. For this reason he did not want to part company with me and insisted that I should make my home in Istanbul.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. It will be good for us to realize our goal, even if it will be after centuries. Taking the advantage of his company, I began to learn Persian. I do not know why, but perhaps it was because I always obeyed him. For Shiites did not read books; they only recognized scholars, and did not show due respect to the Sultan. And their inhabitants were Shiites. It xonfession hoped that, from the world of the unknown, he will cast an eye on us and grant us the good luck of evicting the unbelievers, he means Muslimsfrom their centers, be it three hundred years later.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

The X interfering with them would cause tension between the states, which in turn could lead to warfare. During a lesson one of my students asked, “Sir, if sly Muslim is killed in a war, will he become a martyr? Whenever he mentioned the name of Abu Hanifa, he would stand up, go and make ablution. During my stay in Istanbul I spent the nights in a room I had rented from a man responsible for the service in a mosque.