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Companies House Christmas and New Year opening times. Availability of our We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies 7 December ; Guidance Read our policy on Social media use. Find out . Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company File company information; WebFiling; PROtected Online Filing ( PROOF) Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. .. in our Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide (PDF, KB, 9 pages). For further details please email [email protected] or This guide answers many frequently asked questions and provides information on .. users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services which is payable when you file .

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Yes, but this is limited to voting and dividend rights for the simplest case of a private company limited by shares using the model articles provided in the Companies Model Articles Regulations If you are a company director and wish to have a quick reference guide companieshouee hand, this article has been written just for you.

If it was emailed to you with your security code it would open the system to abuse. You can also sign up to use our online eBilling service to access your invoices quicker. All forms can be completed in English or Welsh converted to English upon submission ; apart from the account templates which are only available in English. By the transformation of a PLC in accordance with article 2 4.

A business can run into trouble even if the directors fulfil their duties and responsibilities. The aggregate nominal value is the number of shares issued multiplied by the nominal value of each share.


On incorporation a company can adopt model articles, model articles with amendments or bespoke articles. Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page?

For England and Wales companies, the address provided can either be in England or Wales. The submission number is allocated to your data on the Confirmation screen when it is sent using WebFiling.

Visitors to our information centres can get basic company information free of charge. This drop down list will only display the currency and class combinations created in the Share Capital section.

Sign in to Companies House WebFiling

The individual SIC codes are broken down into a number of trade groups. Is this page useful? Conditions of use and any exceptions are available on the screens leading cpmpanieshouse the online accounts.

When will I receive my Certificate of Incorporation? The address information provided for service address will appear on the public record. However, we cannot advise you about the content of your company’s articles, or whether a company is the best vehicle for your business.

However the registered office need not be a place where the company carries on its day-to-day business.

General duties include the following: It compaanieshouse available to presenters filing 10 or more annual returns or incorporations per year.

You can access information about disqualified directors using WebCHeck. All the information you supply on the Payment screen including credit and debit card infoandguode is encrypted. They could be directors, secretaries, company staff or 3rd-party agents acting on behalf of the company.


Companies House Web Incorporation Service – Frequently Asked Questions

Check our office opening times and how to get to them. Registration of a company authorised to register in accordance with section of the Companies Act However, the directors are responsible for ensuring their registered office is effective in terms of dealing with all notices, letters and reminders sent by Companies House or other organisations, businesses or individuals.

If an individual is subject to a disclosure exemption, they should indicate this on their application to incorporate. You will also be sent an email to confirm your service registration and chosen password.

Companies House –

Companies House do not maintain any of the card details. You can store your most frequent company searches as um, then sort them by due filing date for accounts or confirmation statement. The home address details can be changed by selecting to link to the same address as the correspondence address or supply new address details. A non-EEA company is not necessarily determined by where it is geographically situated. The ‘ Register of Secretaries ‘ is maintained by the company and contains the details on each secretary person and corporate such as name and service address similar to the information provided to Companies House.

Search the table of WebFiling transactions: Comoanieshouse information you comoanieshouse need to supply for each officer includes: Where should you show your registered office address?