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Codex has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. The Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, are an elite sisterhood of warriors raised from infancy to. Codex: Adepta Sororitas is an expansion book for Warhammer 40, which replaces Codex: Sisters of Battle (5th Edition), renames the army. I had the pleasure of painting the cover image for the new Sisters of Battle Codex for WH40k under the art direction of Darius Hinks. Super fun.

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Male Progena may become Commissars or soldiers in the Imperial Guard, petty officers in the Imperial Navy or enter the priesthood of the Adeptus Ministorum.

Codex: Adepta Sororitas par Games Workshop Ltd – codex-adepta-sororitas pdf – Fichier PDF

Each is a veteran warrior of many hundreds of battles who has risen to her position through a combination of strong leadership, shrewd tactical genius and sheer overarching faith in the Emperor. The bearer of the Shroud of the Anti-martyr gets the Sacred Intervention ability:.

Join 21 other followers. The most devoted Sisters of Battle are protected by the Emperors hand. Renamed the Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas, the Sisterhood became true defenders of the faith and a very physical reminder of the power of the Ecclesiarchy.

Once battle has been joined, the Adepta Sororitas will stop at nothing until their enemies are utterly crushed. Of course you can also choose one of there tactics for your own Order Minoris.

Model with a bolt pistol only.

Sisters of Battle 5th Edition. Blog Stats 18, hits. Much of the Imperium at adwpta time was gripped by pre-apocalyptic gloom as internal revolt, alien invaders and Chaos renegades took advantage of the turmoil wracking the galaxy. Lists with This Book. Special rules that are unique to particular units are presented in the relevant entry instead. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A unit with the Act of Faith special rule can attempt to use its Act of Faith immediately before it acts during a phase; eororitas.


Books by Games Workshop. Their fanatical devotion and unwavering purity is a bulwark against corruption, heresy and alien attack, and once battle has been joined they will stop at nothing until their enemies are utterly crushed.

Hakan marked it as to-read Jul 20, Adepta Sororitas is an expansion soorritas for Warhammer 40, which replaces Codex: Refresh and try again.

Dave Levingston added it Sep 11, The wearer of the Cloak of St. To do so, the unit must take a Leadership test. Then 8th edition happened and we had to update it.

codex Adepta Sororitas by anjetto | 40k Art | Pinterest | Battle, Sisters and Warhammer 40k

For three days, Canoness Sariah and her Sisters battle through monster-infested passageways; bolters cut down scores of blood-hungry Daemon-hounds and flamers burn swathes of Nurglings and bloated plaguebeasts. Taken together, these drastically increase the Adeptus Ministorum’s versatility on the tabletop, making them far more viable as a standalone army. Sisters of Battle 5th Editionrenames the army to Adepta Sororitasand updates it to 6th Edition.

While this sororutas meant to be a serious option for Sisters players who want the update GW won’t give them, it’s also meant to be a fun army to play against. Uncanny Reflexes Death Cult Assassins only: These Sisters are commonly from the Orders Dialogus — skilled orators whose amplified voices can embolden the spirits of nearby troops — and the Orders Hospitaller. It’s much easier to build a diverse army where each unit compliments each other, rather than being forced to focus on a few units.

Both were formed from groups of Sisters who venerated the remaining two companions of Dominica – Mina and Arabella – sororits although these long-dead martyrs never led their Orders in battle, each was founded in one of their names; the Bloody Rose in honour of Mina, and the Sacred Rose after Arabella. They coedx die when the Emperor is ready to accept their souls, and not a moment before.


The Ministorum Priest and his unit re-roll all failed armour and invulnerable saves until the end of the phase. These are collected and explained here, in full, for your convenience. He was a brutal tyrant who took control of the Ecclesiarchy in a military coup and assumed the dual roles of Ecclesiarch and High Lord of the Administratum, driving the Imperium into the bitterest period of civil war and rebellion since the Horus Heresy — the Reign of Blood. When generating Warlord Traits, an Adepta Sororitas Warlord may either roll on one of the Warlord Traits tables in the Warhammer 40, rulebook, or roll on the table below.

Codex – Adepta Sororitas: /tg/ 7th Edition

Once activated, an Arco-flagellant turns into a berserk killing machine that is completely insensible to pain and beholden only to the priest who controls him. The background and history of the Adepta Sororitas Citadel Miniatures gallery Full rules to use your army in games of Warhammer 40, including: The Order of the Fiery Heart, for example, started to reflect the vengeful nature of Katherine, while the Sisters of the Xororitas Shroud became renowned adpeta their heroic acts of self-sacrifice, echoing the selfless nature of Silvana.

Through deceit and deception, he convinced the Daughters that he was actually a pious man chosen by the Emperor to lead the Imperium.

In addition, roll a dice each time yourWarlord loses a wound. As a result, a disproportionate number of its Battle Sisters willingly exile themselves and seek redemption as a Sister Repentia.