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IBM Rational ClearCase is the industry-leading solution for highly sophisticated IBM Rational ClearCase offers complete software configuration management. Unit types and corresponding file extension . (e.g. C:\Program Files\ibm\ RationalSDLC\ClearCase\config\magic) with the following content. Configuration Management with ClearCase Setup of example environment. Clearcase configuration management plan filetype pdf configuration management. Interim Center to Center Configuration Management Plan 1 This Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is a tool used to establish the overall approach for the.

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Properties can be set cleacrase and for all by modifying the site. The RenameActivation property is a Boolean value that specifies whether renaming units in the Rational Rhapsody model triggers a rename command in the archive.

Integration Guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational ClearCase on Windows

In this mode, Rational Rhapsody has a custom set of properties for each ppan that launches tool-specific commands for the CM operations. Manages and controls source code, libraries, documentation, binaries, hardware designs, web artifacts and virtually any project artifact that can be represented as digital content.

The AutoSynchronize property is a Boolean value that determines whether Rational Rhapsody will run synchronization. Provides development and integration models, private workspaces and public integration areas so you can work quickly and independently, yet collaborate effectively with the team.

For the end user the integration represents a minimal overhead since the functionality is provided directly in the Rhapsody user interface. In Rational ClearCase, you should avoid using the same name for different elements.


Overview Details Pricing Resources. Planning for ClearCase Chapter 7. The filetye available integration modes are confiugration and a sample usage scenario is shown.

The preferences will be stored in the Rhapsody installation directory in the file named diffmerge. In the first case the properties are only valid within the concerned project whereas in the second case the properties are loaded when starting Rhapsody and valid for all projects.

The element gets created taking into account the specification of the.

Software Configuration Management: A Clear Case for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM

Create a new magic file called ‘cc. If you receive an error message like ‘cleartool: In order to make Rhapsody users aware of such consequences, we chose for several properties the value ‘UserConfirmation’. This section describes how ClearCase should be configured to smoothly integrate with Rhapsody.

If the property is set to ‘ Relative ‘, then newly added referenced units contain a path relative to the project directory.

Control development activity Allows you to control your personal workspaces and provides seamless access to the file and directory versions you need. Selecting ‘ No ‘ can lead to inconsistencies which must be resolved manually. The quest for software lifecycle management Chapter 2.

Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. This property is available only at the configueation level, but activates or deactivates the Save in Subdirectory check box on the Unit Information for Package window.


IBM Rational ClearCase – Overview – United States

Read the solution brief. Removing the property value will disconnect the link between the Rational Rhapsody project and the SCC project. The following conditions apply with this property:. The Connect to Archive operation connects the project in your workspace to a CM archive. The CheckOut property specifies the command used to check an item out of the archive using cleacase main Configuration Items dialog. This guide also describes the creation and usage of a new IBM Rational ClearCase element type together with its type manager.

Advanced functions allow you to delete previous versions, create and delete branches, list version histories, and compare and merge versions. The DefaultDirectoryScheme property is used by the hierarchical repository functionality. Compare features and pricing. Creating ClearQuest parent-child linked records Appendix E. The RenameActivation property is a Boolean value that specifies whether renaming units in the Rational Rhapsody model will trigger a rename command in the archive.

If you set this property to Automatic, every new package that is added to archive will create a new CM directory, including branches.

The following steps represent a sample scenario using SCC mode. A connect operation also triggers actions that should be performed before any other CM operation.