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Classics in Total Synthesis. By K.C. Nicolaou and E. J. Sorensen. Article (PDF Available) in Molecules 3(2) · February with 2, Reads. This book is essential for any synthetic organic chemist.[ ]. K. C. NICOLAOU, E. J. SORENSEN. CLASSICS IN. TOTAL. Page 2. Classics in Total Synthesis K. C. Nicolaou and. – E. J. Sorensen. VCH.

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NicolaouJason S. Nicolaou has earned three prestigious international honors recently, including the Nemitsas Prize in Chemistry. These kind of informations are presented in form of an interesting introduction before the synthesis is presented. The present volume – and hopefully future books of this series – offer an exciting and outstanding overview of the subject of natural products total syntheses in its complexity and variety.

Nicolaou has made outstanding contributions in his research field. The syntheses, together with historical excursions, have been taken from literature of the years to Likewise, the third volume of this series, published by Wiley-VCH in Februarywill surely continue the success of the previous volumes, and will certainly be a must-have in the libraries of synthetically orientated groups.

Chen received his A. In contrast to the first two volumes, this new one features full-color frontispieces. He currently is a post-doctoral fellow in Professor Nicolaou’s laboratory. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Nowadays, books that concentrate on the area of organic synthesis are numerous enough to fill whole inventories of libraries.

Would you like to change to the site? Nicolaou compiles here the important strategies and tools employed to construct complex molecules. Further Targets, Strategies, Methods. Targets, Strategies, Methods K. The chapter ends with a short summary and a well-chosen, detailed, and extensive list of references. On the other hand, the great success of this series does support a continuation of the style in its present form.


Classics in Total Synthesis

Nicolaou compiles and contrasts the important synthet. Site Search any all words Main Categories. The depth of mechanistic discussions has been greatly increased.

He currently is a post-doctoral fellow in Synthdsis Nicolaou’s laboratory.

Most synthesis of natural products require a special skill: Graduate students and researchers alike will find this book a gold mine of useful information essential for their daily work.

Special emphasis is placed on the skillful use of graphics and schemes: Planning, current methods and even the development of completely new synthesis methods are required, because the tools of nature are many times not available or are completely unknown!

With didactic skill and clarity, K. It becomes fastly understandable, why a method in a certain step was selected. Novelties of this third volume compared to the previous ones are mainly concerned with the detailed contents. His impact on chemistry, biology and medicine claesics from his research works in chemical synthesis and chemical biology described in numerous publications and patens.

The authors then carefully explain each synthetic step and give hints on alternative methods and clxssics pitfalls. And due to the excellent presentation of reaction mechanisms and very good explanations of selected reactions, it is a beautiful teaching ij for the advanced student, in order to deepen the knowledge acquired in the study. A wonderful tool for learning and teaching and a must-have for all current and future organic claswics biochemists.

This book will syntjesis contribute its share to ensuring that these syntheses will be used as outstanding models for teaching and research purposes, even 20 or more years from now. Classics in Total Synthesis III will surely itself become a classic in the literature on the state of the art of contemporary organic synthetic chemistry.

Description Content Reviews Author information Retaining his excellent, proven approach, world-famous chemist and passionate teacher K.

Retrosynthetic analyses, reaction sequences, and stereochemically crucial steps are presented in boxed sections within the text. Read the press announcement: Excellent graphics and two colours throughout: Copious references to reviews and the original literature make this book a gold mine of information for every organic chemist in industry and academia.


This clearly demonstrates the increasing scientific, but also industrial, importance of complex syntheses of natural products. Both, the un analysis and the actual reaction sequence up to the natural product are described syntheeis detail and in classice accurate language.

He is the recipient of many prizes, awards and honors. One innovation is the introduction of a colored title page at the beginning of each chapter, presenting an attractive graphical illustration of the target structure, together with its natural source and a picture of the leader of the group that worked on the total synthesis. Short Description Using his didactically skillful approach, K.

Wiley-VCH – Classics in Total Synthesis III

Would you like to change to the site? The authors carefully explain each synthetic step and give hints on alternative methods and potential pitfalls.

All literature references are clearly identified by chapter endnotes, thus allowing rapid access to the primary sources. For a total of 42 syntheses of 25 challenging natural products he explains all the key steps of the synthetic pathway, highlighting the major developments in blue-boxed sections for easier understanding, and contrasting these to other synthetic methods.

After two years as a medicinal chemist at Enanta Pharmaceuticals, he began graduate studies at The Scripps Research Institute under the guidance of Professor K. KGaA – Provider – www. This series can therefore already be justifiably called a classic in itself.

However, the opportunity to similarly illustrate other parts of the chapter has not been taken; especially in the introduction, figures or graphics in color might have improved ncolaou accessibility of the contents.