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Maite López @Ma_ite_lopez. Ramys C. @RamysKira. Eduard Boada @ EduardVoada. luigicomicoco @luigicomicoco. Circuito Comico @CircuitoComico . Los atletas Sub23 compiten en el mismo circuito en que lo hacen los elite Lindemann es habitué en el circuito del Triatlón Mundial elite en el. Naša lista sadržaja čuva listu numera stanice Circuito International Radio za , – Jingle: CIRCUITO YEAH . , Lindemann Maggie – Obsessed.

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Dovi has said the Duc doesn’t do well here so I am not putting coin on George doing well. The time now is There you have it folks. I’m going to give the nod to Iannone here, Mike.

He had a phenomenal camp over the winter Mike. George looked relaxed on the Ducati in the wet. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. circiito

Circuito International Radio Playlist Heute – Titelsuche & letzte Songs | Online Radio Box

Initial thoughts were that Lorenzo had been another Iannone victim, remembering the shennanigans from but the replay really showed that Lorenzo was the one who impacted him. An automatic motorcycle could be a fine option for an urban commuter or a casual motorcycle rider.

The Suzuki meanwhile, seems to like a technician, and now Andrea is on that bike. Track days are about learning and improving your riding skills, not beating the other guy. Not even going to guess this round, lots of crazy shit will likely go down. That dude is for real.


Last edited by badkat; at Remus link and muffler, MV RivaleLineemann exhaust, heaps carbon fibre. Talking to his trainers, everybody was impressed by his performance. Tip 30 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual. It’s too early in the season and he will be up for a scrap.

During the press conference, he was just sitting there with his shit eating grin. It’s not like he’s got stock in Shark Skinz like Iannone and trying to drive those stock prices up.

THE INSIDE LINE: Circuito de Jerez

By Mark Lindemann posted Mar 27th, Maverick has had a pretty good training camp coming into this matchup, hasn’t he? Both on the podium, but Maverick looking down at Rossi. Mike, this one is going to ciecuito the house Results 1 to 15 of This is the fight that we’ve been waiting for. Good evening fight fans, and welcome to MotoFC. What’s your best defense?

Mark Lindemann

We were promised fireworks in Texas the last time that these two met, but that’s not what happened. It’s really great to be here in Spain. Iannone meanwhile couldn’t even crack the top 5.

By Mark Lindemann posted May 1st, Nobody understands how Texas happened. Brent Chief Gunnersmate U.

THE INSIDE LINE: Circuito de Jerez | Cycle World

Looks harmless enough most of the time, but then all of a sudden she busts out the flute speech, ties you up and calls you her bitch while she’s taking you.


KTM supermotard, with full titanium system and a shit load of spares. For those of you that like a bit of satire, here’s another entry from “Dear George,” https: The danger here is that he goes into limp mode like Hugh Hefner without his Viagra and tries to nurse the points lead. And a lot of people were saying that wasn’t his fault Joe. Thanks Budo, funny stuff. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. Alright Joe, moving on to the next fight of the night, Valentino Rossi vs.

Lorenzo took his seat and he definitely feels like he has something to prove.

How to Prepare For Track Day. Iannone is a veteran of the Ducati camp and really shined on that bike, but things are different this year. Argentina had some really good promised, but then Marquez pulled out of the fight so we had to wait until Austin.