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ILS-CON. ILS™ Control Center. USER MANUAL. Page 2. ILS-CON User Manual. 2 Legend™ R. DMX-. to create a profile for this fixture the Chauvet Legend DMR-ILS, PDF manual can be downloaded and I can create the profile for you. Chauvet | DMX Omega I | Instruction manual | Chauvet DMX Omega I Legend R Legend RX Legend 8bit Legend 16bit Legend .

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The Intensity channel of a fixture can also be controlled using the intensity wheel. The desk provides two XGA outputs on the rear panel of the desk. Automatic Palettes In Setup, there is an option to generate a set of llegend palettes based on the fixture types in the schedule.

To record a cue, simply enter the command: See earlier for full list of available functions. These channels are paired together internally and lwgend as a signal control channel.

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It is possible to mix Playback mode with either Channel Mode or Submaster Mode — simply switch to the preferred mode first, then change to Playbacks. Page The coloured LED at the bottom of the window indicates the connection status — should the connection fail for whatever reason, this leend first turn yellow and then red. If any of the selected fixtures are not actually programmed in the applied palette, but there are one or more fixtures of the same type that are programmed, the fixture will use the values programmed for the first fixture of the same type.


Page Advanced Programming While a fixture is highlighted only the Pan and Tilt parameters can be edited using the wheels. Wherever lrgend the desk will group similar parameters together eg Cyan, Magenta and Yellow will appear together on the wheels. 1500r

If [Selected Fixtures] is chosen, only the selected fixtures in the programmer will be recorded. Press the GO button for the selected playback. Replaying Submasters In this quick start guide we will just look at using the on-board controls. Press the Colour Picker button in the Colour Palettes window to select the colour picker. It can be used in DMX mode. Enter the following command: It features a Watt LED and motorized focus that will let you project bright crisp gobos from n The desk software automatically assigns the programmable cue stacks to the pages of playbacks ie page 1 has cue stacks 1 – 10, page 2 has cue stacks 11 – 20 … page has cue stacks — Page 87 Programming Controlling Position Parameters The position parameters of the selected fixture s are controlled using the control wheels.

To copy the outputting state of a cue, do the following: Maual position parameters for the fixture are assigned to the control wheels and are indicated lehend the LCD screen above the wheels. Note — Fade and Delay Times The fade and delay times for all parameters programmed in a cue can also be globally edited from the Cue Stack Window.

Press the [OK] button to complete the cue stack setup. Colour Scheme — allows you to pick which colour scheme to use. It is possible to invert Pan and Tilt independently for each fixture. There are pages of playbacks available. One row for each fixture, one column for each parameter. A blank cue is referred to as Cue 0 zero.


First the wizard allows you to select the fixture manufacturer. Think carefully about whether you need to make any changes to subsequent cues in order to maintain the state s required.

Each view has the dropdown box at the bottom to select a new view. The default setting is a 1: Connect your media to the USB port on the desk any port will do.

Chauvet DMX Omega I Instruction manual |

Select your desk and the connection will be made. A Press the [Yes] button to clear the user fixtures llegend have been loaded on the desk. This is the default action.

All the fixture types contained in the selected fixture type file will be loaded and added to the fixture library on the desk. Note that intensity adjustment on the wheel is relative by default which means that if a range of fixtures are selected with different original values, the movement of the wheel will be applied to each fixture individually eg each fixture will increase or decrease by chwuvet percentage from its original value. The first method of adding fixtures is through Add Fixtures.

Gaps in numbers are indicated by a vertical line between their channel numbers.