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Labor Consulting. The Professional Firm, pursuant to the law 12/79, takes on assignments and establishes all the fulfilments about employment, social security . -ccnl-unionmeccanica-confapi-si-dei-lavoratori-metalmeccanici-all-ipotesi-d-. package for River Coyote LLC – CCNL ALIMENTARI CONFAPI: nuovi minimi Accordo sull’assistenza sanitaria – CCNL Metalmeccanici Industria: obbligo.

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Commentary Despite some changes, during the periodthe structure of collective representation of Italian entrepreneurs has not undergone profound transformation. However, the structure of employer associations should also be viewed in relation to that of the trade unions, which are also very fragmented.

Per Le Scuole Superiori: Judicial tasks The firm through individual freelancers assumes duties of: Read Orientare Le Prestazioni Online. Direct membership cojfapi gives right to membership of the territorial and national sectoral associations.

The Firm has been working for over twenty years with offices in: In fact, each of the NPEOs listed above has sectoral federations among its members and associations representing firms in one or more specific production branches.

In some cases, these mergers have given rise to new representational actors. Also interesting is the case of the employment agency associations, which until a few years ago were three in number AplaConfinterim and Ailtof which only the last was a member mettalmeccanico Confindustria.



Con le circolari n. Read Il Risanamento Mancato. Il Marchio D Impresa. This information is made available as a service to the public but has not been edited by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

Sincethe role of NPEOs in this field has not changed and is characterized by the fact that all the NPEOs had bargaining roles at the interconfederal level, while at the sectoral level some NPEOs are directly involved whereas others are so only indirectly through federations or trade associations. Please indicate reasons for any changes noted. Some associative initiatives have also begun among immigrant entrepreneurs. Read Petrolio E Politica. Investimenti Diretti In Cina.

Read Marketing Anti Crisi. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. Legacoop politically close to the left and Confcooperative linked with the Church.

Read Selling Personal Training Online. Fare Affari In India. Download Media E Co-marketing Sportivo. Read Da Capo A Coach.

Italy – Developments in social partner organisations: employer organisations

Read Sviluppo O Declino. More than territorial associations no. The reform measures envisaged should shift the bargaining system to the company level, with a consequent increase in the importance of territorial associations which normally conduct company-level bargaining to the disadvantage of the sectoral associations.


Edoardo Della Torre, University of Milan.

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La Politica Di Bilancio Italiana: Esperienze E Prospettive Online. In some sectors, the sectoral organizations offer assistance and information, even if it is normally the territorial levels which provide these services.

Italy — Developments in social partner organisations: Esproprio Per Pubblica Utilita. Tell us what you think. Sfide Per Territori E Imprese. Besides the NPEOs and the sectoral organizations, in Italy an important role in industrial relations is played by the provincial confaip associations, in particular those affiliated to the NPEOs.

Elementi Di Contabilita Pubblica.

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With the recent reform of the bargaining system, the role of these associations in industrial relations may grow further see netalmeccanico 2. If so, please give details and reasons.

There have been no significant changes since Two important ones are now outlined. Grande Mondo, Piccolo Pianeta. Estimo E Paradigmi Economici.