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All the elements which make up the wayside signaling infrastructure play a vital role in system optimisation and passenger safety. Engineering and preventative maintenance servicing for CITYFLO solutions can be planned efficiently and in advance with EBI Tool Design and Maintenance. CITYFLO signalling is a CBTC system designed by Bombardier Transportation. It makes use of bi-directional radio communication between trains and.

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Walt Disney World Monorail System. EBI Switch point machines. This technical data insight provides the solution with predictive maintenance capabilities. Centralized traffic control CTC for the efficient monitoring and control of rail traffic Integrated human-machine interface IHMI Train identifier system and routing automation Timetable management Optimized automatic train regulation ATR Authority management Maintenance and diagnostic functions including playback functionality Power system interface, control and supervision Publishing schedule information to a third-party system.

Capacity demands coupled with continued advances in computer technology and the implementation of new standards while desirable for system safety and modernization, are accelerating obsolescence which further drives the need for upgrades. If communication outage is permanent some sort of contingency operation must be implemented which may consist of manual operation using absolute block or, in the worst case, the substitution of an alternative form of transportation.

Communications-based train control (CBTC)

Bombardier is a market leader in CBTC technology with our moving block CITYFLO solution in delivery or in operation on 40 lines globally, from automated people movers to fully automated, high-capacity lines.

Despite the difficulty, the table below tries to summarize and reference the main radio-based CBTC systems deployed around the world as well as those ongoing projects being developed.


Bombardier is also an expert in providing fully integrated turnkey transportation systems from power supply to automatic fare collection and from passenger information to depot systems.

The grades of automation available range from a manual protected operation, GoA 1 usually applied as a fallback operation mode to the fully automated operation, GoA 4 Unattended Train Operation, UTO. For years, Bombardier has been developing, engineering and installing advanced rail control systems.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Moreover, these systems offer complete flexibility in terms of operational schedules or timetables, enabling urban rail operators to respond to the specific traffic demand more swiftly and efficiently and to solve traffic congestion problems. Its state-of-the-art features include: Doubling capacity in Madrid.

CBTC systems normally have less wayside equipment and their diagnostic and monitoring tools have been improved, which makes them easier to implement and, more importantly, easier to maintain. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat It reduces energy consumption and wear on track and vehicles. As a complete system provider, Bombardier efficiently and effectively manages complex transportation system projects with multiple suppliers and partners.

Retrieved from ” https: Transit lines using the Cityflo system as of February 26, include the following: Each region has one or more spread-spectrum radio to receive the transmission from the trains on their position and to send them movement authorities.

Retrieved 12 January The EBI Screen control room can connect to auxiliary systems. These balises give an exact position to the train as it passes and allows the train to normalize its position, reducing the position error.

Communications-based train control

CBTC technology has been and is being successfully implemented for a variety of applications as shown in the figure below mid Ashmont—Mattapan High Speed Line. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


The primary risk of an electronic train control system is that if the communications link between any of the trains is disrupted then all or part of the system might have to enter a failsafe state until the problem is remedied. CBTC systems allow optimal use of the railway infrastructure as well as achieving maximum capacity and minimum headway between operating trains, while maintaining the safety requirements. The EBI Com radio block centre RBC continuously receives train positioning data via radio signal, processes it and sends it to a track plan system which clearly shows the exact position of each train.

By creating a continuous bi-directional communications link between wayside and onboard equipment, CBTC bombarvier many advantages. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Edmonton Light Rail Transit. Both of them form what is usually called ‘Footprint’.

Meeting the capacity challenge

Track-to-train communication is achieved via state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide bi-directional communication. Views Read Edit View history. The EBI Screen control room also provides train regulation for the system. The IRT Flushing Line runs trains with eleven cars, though they are not all linked together; they are arranged in five- bombardeir six-car sets.

This status includes, among other parameters, the exact position, speed, travel direction and braking distance.