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A NGK lançou para o mercado de reposição duas linhas de velas especiais, G- Power e Iridium IX, possibilitando a utilização da tecnologia em automóveis que . NGK Glow Plug Types and Features ______ page Design Symbols used in NGK Glow Plugs ______ page .. Download NGK Catalogo de Velas. Dec 26, Car SUV LCV_____________________________page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page.

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This is due to a characteristic of the fuel that has smaller carbon chains. F9 YE05 73 With the adaptation of the CNG in a vehicle, we are changing its original characteristics. These vehicles have ignition systems with low capacity and if we install spark plugs and resistive cables due to the use of electronic equipment, we must upgrade the ignition system.

The vehicles converted to CNG require greater tension of the ignition system for the formation of the spark in the spark plug, this occur in function of the characteristics of fuel CNG, therefore is very important the use of products of high quality.

Other advantages of using Green Spark Plug are:.

The use of resistive spark plug is not related to vellas useful life of the spark plug, i. Y RS M 10 x 1. In a cold spark plug the heat dissipation will be faster. This will drain the battery and reduce the service life of the glow plug. Autosugestiona al comprador y consolida las ventas.

Therefore, there is no way to indicate a spark plug for an engine that has been modified. The special powders that connect the isolator with the metal bonnet ensure a perfect seal to prevent the leakage of gas internal pressure of the combustion chamber.


Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15

MAZDA 6 6 2. First check the glow signal glow indicator on the instrument panel. The first item that we should check out is whether the application is correct for the vehicle, to do so just consult the NGK recommendations catalog or the automaker manual.

A break of the insulator or middle electrode as a result of vibrations is also feasible. Spark plugs with excess of residue may indicate an abnormal condition of engine operation or use of poor catlaogo fuel.

01 – Spark Plug Function

The spot in the insulator is caused by the corona effect, when high voltage goes through the spark plug occurs the generation of an electromagnetic field wrapped to the wires of the spark plugs and to spark plug itself.

Mas agora existe uma alternativa melhor: Als een bougie uitvalt, is een verkeerd aandraaimoment meestal de oorzaak hiervan. In these circumstances we should not change the spark plug heat rating, and we can keep the same spark plug that was used when the engine was powered by gasoline.

How long will a spark plug last? QGS type double insulators Serial no. Its main function is to conduct the electric current generated on the transformer to the combustion chamber, and turn it into high-voltage electric spark, which cataloog start the combustion, i.

The spark plugs, glow plugs, and caps listed in our Catalogue can be used in the engines which we recommend in our catalogue.

Erkennbarer Irrtum sowie offensichtliche Druckfehler unterliegen der Sorgfaltspflicht des Anwenders. Before installing the spark plugs we should examine the clearance between electrodes, all NGK spark plugs already leave the factory calibrated, however from the shipping and handling of the spark plugs to the installation there may be some change in the clearance.

Molti degli inconvenineti riscontrabili sulle candele sono riconducibili ad una coppia di serraggio errata. Although its simple appearance, the spark plug is a highly complex part, consisting of a series of internal components that requires for its conception the application of highly sophisticated technology, therefore its perfect performance is directly connect to the engine performance, the levels of fuel consumption, the greater or the lesser load of pollutants in the gases expelled for the escape.


This measurement is performed to identify the most critical condition of the engine, and so in this condition is performed the pre-ignition testing which will determine the heat rating appropriate for the respective engine.

NGK Catalogo de Velas – [PDF Document]

If the CNG kit is well-dimensioned and well-installed the original spark plug should work normally. Voor de gevolgen van druk- en zetfouten wordt geen aansprakelijkheid aanvaard. The determination of the heat rating is performed through measuring instruments that are installed in an engine, which in turn is coupled to an engine dynamometer. Metal shellThe coil velad be damaged if current flows continuously. R and Tube material Modification.

MAZDA 3 3 1. We do not accept any responsibility in respect of legal claims arising out of the contents of this list. A4 YJ 64 Once identified the occurrence of flash over, we should replace the set of spark plugs and ignition cables simultaneously, if only one of the parts is replaced, the new part will be damaged by the old part and the defect ng, return soon. F5 YJ 24 Esto se debe a que los pares de apriete se calculan multiplicando dos dimensiones: