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Carcosa – Warning: For Adults Only! Contains explicit DriveThruRPG: Your One -Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. In addition to making Carcosa look like a grimoire (but not in the gaudy way many RPG books have attempted this in the past), I also found. Ok, fuck it. Let’s do this thing. This is a review of Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa, a setting and heavily-modified OSR game published by LotFP.

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McKinney said that in pulp works, sorcery is always evil, ergo evil on Carcosa. But, despite the fact that the setting of Carcosa is inspired partly by those sources, actual play in that setting ends up having almost nothing at all to do with them. Badmike February 16, at Most unusually, instead of having stable hit points, or indeed even hit dice, the book expects player characters to roll for their type of hit die every single time they go into battle, and to roll their hit points for that particular battle.

I have no problem with dark fantasy, in fact, it’s my preferred flavor of fantasy.

Also, the notion of “roll a die to see what die you roll”, including “constantly variable hit points” is just dumb. I know you seem to be fanatic about the setting The Dragon 12 included the Cthulhu Mythos in Feb. Carcosa is a game setting for the Dungeons and Dragons and Lamentations of the Flame Princess roleplaying games.


Nice review, but Varcosa have to give this one a pass.


carcoza All the way up to nuclear weapons. Fuzzy on the details, but basically: Carcosa is also available right now from both: I love the idea of Cthulhu cycle ideas, monsters, and gods in a science fantasy setting.

I’ve always enjoyed the King in Yellow as the actual Eldritch Entity like a meme or mental virus that spreads insanity and replicates itself and is particular to civilizations. Then I understood how it could be so gonzo without being cartoonish.

Changed the city of Carcosa itself to be a sentient construct that can summon a duplicate of any person, living carrcosa dead, if any members of the party wish it. I thought the same thing about the Aliens and Dinosaurs and such carcoea I read it and now although I still probably won’t use them in my campaign very much it seems far less cartoony and more like a really F’d-up bad acid trip that would make Hunter S.

Carcosa (RPG setting) | The Yellow Site | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What we do get are some pretty weird mechanical changes. Carcosa is on the moon, you can get there from the Tower of the Stargazer, the Lovecraftian beasts are manifestations of the same psionic godling, the aliens are proto-elves and the carocsa tech is a bit more biomagical. Glad to see that’s carcosx solid direction. Desert Rat February 20, at 6: Been a while since I thought about this and the players noped out of Carcosa pretty quick so we didn’t get to see any of it in action: That’s still completely up to whoever’s running the game.


I was thinking of picking up the PDF, but now I won’t. If you’d ever bothered to actually play in the setting of Carcosarather than merely reading about it, then you’d know that. In other words, it has all the potential ingredients for a great gonzo setting, except charm.

Grace is something I’m not often accused of.

Roger Burgess February 17, at 8: Ed Dove February 16, at 5: Transporting players to Carcosa or another planet sounds much cooler. Carcosa is pages.

The RPGPundit: RPGPundit Reviews: Carcosa

But the PDF is badly, badly flawed. This is given its own chapter; where not every single hex is detailed as before, but rather areas within the map are detailed with their particular encounters and groups.

If doing that, why play Carcosa at all? Aplus February 16, at 2: Oh god, my brain is overloading with post-revelation Carcosa ideas.

As a fan of the original digest version, I look forward to the new version of this setting! Brunomac February 16, at 7: Meanwhile, McKinney chooses to have hardly any detail at all about his setting’s background, societies or cultures while going into intricate lurid detail with his magical rituals and their grotesque human sacrifices.