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Editorial Reviews. Review. This new revised edition is a must have! Even if you own the On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by [Rugaas, Turid]. CALMING SIGNALS – The Art of Survival. Turid Rugaas. For species who live in packs, it’s important to be able to communicate clearly with one another. CALMING SIGNALS FOR DOGS. Turid Rugaas. The Key To Understanding. The following overview, in Turid’s own words, gives the essence of her theory on.

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Her command of English is not perfect, and she likely had no editor to correct some sentence confusion, but the book is a gem.

Calming signals – Wikipedia

Accordingly, dogs communicate with themselves through body motions, such as turning their heads to the other side as a goodwill gesture in greeting between two dogslifting a signalx paw showing peaceful intentionsyawning as a way of reducing stressbowing releasing tensionetc. It’s a shift away from “don’t worry, he’s fine” to “hey there buddy, are you okay”? And Turid Rugaas is now one of the world’s leading experts on dog behavior.

I got this on the advice of my dog’s trainer, and, as the owner of an anxious dog, I found it quite useful.

I learned a great deal from reading this and it has isgnals me some techniques to use with Millie! Dogs do this when they perceive tensions to rise between people too. Apr 28, Amelia rated it really liked it.

Calming signals

I have an “ambassador” dog much like Turid’s that helps me rehab the rescue dogs I foster. In most rugas, this signal will make the other dog calm down. Our problems aren’t solved, but I feel like I have a better handle and some tools that actually work. Written in practical, down-to-earth, logical language.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Es un libro imprescindible para cualquiera que trate con perros o al que le gusten los perros. Mar 17, Lauren rated it really liked it. Just as often, the dog is standing still while bowing and is using the signal to calm someone down. Y para apreciar a sitnals canes, como se merecen todos los animales que existen bajo el sol. Whether you own a dog or not, in our culture today you interact with them in either case.


Some dogs act like puppies, jumping around and act silly, throwing sticks around, etc.

Books by Turid Rugaas. To ask other readers questions about On Talking Terms with Dogsplease sign up. The same happens when someone is staring or acting in a threatening way. Find a dog trainer About Organize in your country?

DVD about calming signals. The DVD sure helps Turid solidify her points. Turjd – Lost and Found Dogs Virginia.

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

Fun -especially when using the “yawn” technique. It’s enlightening and several times I had calmnig “Aha” moment where I realized my dog does these things, too. Dogs spend their lives learning our culture, but we usually fail at learning theirs.

Dogs have an extensive language through subtle body movements, that us humans are often too busy, too rushed, too sho “A wagging tail is not always a sign of happiness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Everyone should read this book. The signals are international and universal. I recognized the majority of signals, but several I had never thought of before.

I’m trying to untrain myself and deal with the situation in other ways, because of reading this book.

Calming Signals – The Art of Survival

A big paradigm shift occurs when you start noticing the many, many times that your dog says “that makes me feel uncomfortable” or “could you please stop doing that”. I tried some of these signals on them while I was reading the book, and over the course of several moments of excitement over squirrels or people walking past the house, they both calmed down when they saw me yawn, blink, turn sideways, and lick my lips.

Behavior by type of animal Dog training and behavior Ethology. May 20, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: We expect dogs to adapt to our way of living and communicating, and they do astoundingly well — but many “bad” dog behaviours come from cross-species misunderstandings. Talking to them in their Own language. Calming Signals 2nd ed. Calming signals is a term coined by Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas to describe the signals used by dogs to communicate with each other.


A dog who is insecure will move slowly. Turid lives and works in Norway where she owns and runs a dog training school, Hagen Hundeskole. The dogs have about 30 calming signals, perhaps even more.

It really opened my eyes to some behaviors that I’ve noticed but never gone the next step to understand what they really mean. Turid Rugaas really knows dogs and what their bodies are telling us and other dogs.

Read it over and over until you get it straight because the dogs tugid rescue are so worth it! Calming Signals is a great, quick read about the way dogs communicate with other animals and with us. Turid Rugaas’ book is more like an introductory pamphlet in comparison, but it still has good information–and honestly.

Based on kindness and observation this is a remarkable book – Highly Recommended. These signals often have double meanings and may be used in many different ways — often the invitation to play is a calming signal by itself because the dog is making a potentially dangerous situation less tense and diverts with something safe.

Jun 07, Liisa rated it it was amazing. Signwls by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A rugaxs relationship is based on two-way communication, and living together in a well-balanced togetherness. Aloff’s book probably wouldn’t exist if not for this fit-in-your purse guide.