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Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Calandria Evaporators directory on the Internet. A broad range of Calandria Evaporators resources are. Office · Contact Form. +. KCHT CALANDRIA EVAPORATOR. Home HEAT TRANSFER LAB. KCHT CALANDRIA EVAPORATOR. Product Categories. Our range includes 4 types of evaporators: Evaporator choosing criteria: ▫ product . Falling film evaporator. Calandria. Head. Vapour separator. Calandria, .

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Turnkey systems integrator and custom manufacturer of manufacturing facilities, processing systems, acid recovery systems and environmental control systems. Main Office Swenson Technology, Inc. The condensed liquid can either be pumped from the system or discharged through a tall barometric column in which a static column of liquid balances the atmospheric pressure.

Swenson Technology is a global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for separation. Parts Center Parts SwensonTechnology. Unit Operations in Food Processing.

The reduced pressures required to boil the liquor at lower temperatures are obtained by mechanical or steam jet ejector vacuum pumps, combined generally with condensers for the vapours from the evaporator.

Although the agitator creates some flow through the tubes, most of the flow is still created by thermosiphon.

Calandria Evaporators

Acid recovery systems include diffusion dialysis acid purification systems, vacuum evaporators, distillation and fractionation systems and acid filtration systems. In the centre of the cylinder there is a steam heating section, with pipes passing through it in which the evaporating liquors rise. Frequently in the food industry a raw material or a potential foodstuff contains more water than is required in the final product.

Evaporation is thus a process that is often used by the food technologist. Capabilities caladnria design, engineering, fabrication, construction and installation. Considered as a piece of process plant, the evaporator has two principal functions, to exchange heat and to separate the vapour that is formed from the liquid. Call View Supplier Save Shortlist.

Calculations on evaporators can be carried out combining mass and energy balances with the principles of heat transfer.

Calandria Evaporators Suppliers

Assume, also, that the specific heat of the solution is the same as for water, that is 4. The relationship between vapour pressure and boiling temperature, for water, is shown in Fig. The resistance to heat flow is imposed by the steam calandfia liquid film coefficients and by the material of the tube walls.


The basic factors that affect the rate of evaporation are the: In some cases the temperatures of condensing steam may be too high for the calandia and hot water may be used. The calandria evaporator can be used for salting-type applications; however, an agitator located inside or beneath the downcomer is recommended to suspend the salt crystals in the lower portion of the body. Calandria Evaporator The Swenson calandria evaporator is applied less often today than it was years ago, though there are still a number of companies that prefer this evaporator for various applications.

And so the total rate of heat transfer will drop accordingly. Important practical considerations in evaporators are the: At the top of the cylinder, there are baffles, which allow the vapours to escape but check liquid droplets that may accompany the vapours from the liquid surface. Yet another complication is that measured, overall, heat transfer coefficients have been found to vary with the actual temperature drop, so that the design of an evaporator on theoretical grounds is inevitably subject to wide margins of uncertainty.

Low-pressure steam can also be used but the large volumes create design problems. Condensers for the vapour may be either surface or jet condensers.

Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Calandria Evaporators directory on the Internet. Request Info Calandriia Suppliers. A diagram of this type of evaporator, which may be called the conventional evaporator, is given in Fig. The circulation of the liquid greatly affects evaporation rates, calancria circulation rates and patterns are very difficult to predict in any detail.

When the foodstuff is a liquid, the easiest method of removing the water, in general, is to apply heat to evaporate it. New Jersey – North. In evaporators that are working under reduced pressure, a condenser, to remove the bulk of the volume of the vapours by condensing them to a liquid, often precedes the vacuum pump.

Major objections to other forms of heating, such as direct firing or electric resistance heaters, arise because of the need to avoid local high temperatures and because of the high costs in the case of electricity. Areas of expertise include architectural, biochemical, chemical, electrical, environmental, geological, instrumentation, mechanical and structural engineering. Mass balance kg h The typical evaporator is made up of three functional sections: Vacuum Evaporation For the evaporation of liquids that are adversely affected by high temperatures, it may be calanria to reduce the temperature of boiling by operating under reduced pressure.


Water required in a jet condenser for an evaporator How much water would be required in a jet condenser to condense the vapours from an evaporator evaporating kg h -1 of water under a pressure of 15 cm of mercury?

Valandria, with dissolved solids in increasing quantities as evaporation proceeds leading to increased viscosity and poorer circulation, heat transfer coefficients in practice may be much lower than this. Perhaps because of evaporatkr uncertainty, many evaporator designs have tended to follow traditional patterns of which the calandria type of Fig. Features include vapor disengagement separators, calandria, vapor liquid separator and axial flow pump housing.

Circulation is created by the difference in specific gravity between the body liquor and the heated liquor and vapor generated inside the tubes, plus a vapor lift effect. Also, with increasing solute concentration, the viscosity of the liquid will increase, often quite substantially, and this affects circulation and the heat transfer coefficients leading again to lower rates of boiling.

For most applications, however, the lower equipment costs for other designs have prompted the replacement of calandria evaporators with long-tube vertical rising-film, long-tube vertical falling-film, and forced-circulation evaporators.

For the evaporation of liquids that are adversely affected by high temperatures, it may be necessary to reduce the temperature of evaporatr by operating under reduced pressure.

A broad range of Calandria Evaporators resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Calandria Evaporators industry.