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Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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Host processor may then transmit to the controller a number of predetermined inquiry signals for generating predetermined responses by the failed controller for verifying in a manner similar to that used by the controller signaling the failure condition to the host processor whether the failed controller has in fact failed, or whether other conditions exist which have given rise to signaling of the failure condition to the host processor e.

A system according to claim 9wherein said transmission amplifier network is also adapted to have a controllable output gain selectable based upon strength of said select signal when said select signal is in said condition indicative of transmission mode.

The remainder of modem 30 consists of data pumpsuch as the Rockwell DMP RCACL, microcontroller for controlling data pumpsuch as the Rockwell microcontroller C 40ROM and RAMsuch as the Intel 27CO10 andrespectively, for configuring data pump and microcontrollerand programmable logic arraywhich is configured for address decoding of chip select for microcontroller Collar portion is slightly oversized compared to the meter face portion of the meter to which the optical device is intended to be attached, and includes raised portion which engages the outer surface of the face portion Once the microprocessor is finished carrying out all of the instructions transmitted from the host processorthe microprocessor informs the controller of same.

Try Findchips PRO for diode bel by The circuitry is essentially identical as that described in reference to FIG. System and method for creating multiple operating territories within a meter reading system. For example, the controllers in the remote controllersmay be programmed to initiate timed scanning of the meters and transfer of the image data generated therefrom to the host processorthereby eliminating the need for read timer in host processor Turning now to FIG.

BY Bharat Electronics, BY Datasheet

Preferably, this is accomplished by providing host processor with a programmable meter read timing mechanism which generates controls signals for initiating scanning of the meters by the scanners at periodic time intervals, which time intervals may be selected by a user via the user interface or by appropriate control signals supplied to the host processor from the utility company computer sas will be described in greater detail below.

Controller generates these control signals based upon control signals supplied to the controller from microcontroller via controller and subconnector Transmission of dxtasheet data between the controllers and the host processor in this embodiment is accomplished via a public or private communications network connecting the controllers to the host processor. Microprocessor will then convert the data to ASCII and initiate transmission of the data through CIM 14 to SFS 24 through a datashert boot-up sequence using hardware initialization and software execution.

Preferably, in this embodiment, once the current report files are stored in databasedatabase indicates to administration controller that the current reports files have been stored. Microprocessor then transmits control signals to the RF device via the controller and connector to cause the RF device to switch to a reception mode from its previous transmission mode.


The control signals generated by the host timing mechanism may be for causing system-wide scanning of the meters i. As shown in FIG. Also advantageously, as is discussed above, this embodiment includes hardware for automatically reading utility meters located at the customer premises and automatically dahasheet data to and receiving data from a remote storage facility.

dioda germanium 126

System and method for monitoring remote devices with a dual-mode wireless communication protocol. Connection to the cable, television, RF or Datassheet service interface is accomplished through connector using standard 4-wire serial protocols. Microprocessor in turn prevents the call from going through to the customer premises and instead initiates acquisition and transmission of the desired data to utility company computer The host computer processor accomplishes this by processing the image data using computer image diiode techniques, such as optical character recognition techniques, to extract or generate from datashset image data the respective portions of the utility operation-related data.

Utility companies, such as those providing electric, gas and water service, measure the consumption of their respective services by customers via meters attached to the customer premises. Supply of this activating power to these components causes the device to be in powered-up state wherein the device is able to transmit or receive spread-spectrum RF signals.

Also alternatively, as shown in FIG.

diode bel by datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In addition, the system 1 is capable of being operated in a demand mode. Unfortunately, in this system, the main computer must continually poll each customer premises rather than having the utility usage data sent automatically from the customer premises to the main computer.

Dioe any of the customer’s telephones are taken off-hook during either a demand read or during the autonomous update mode, the utility company and the RMP will disconnect, allowing normal operation of the telephone circuit. Although the following Detailed Description will proceed with reference being made to specific embodiments of the present invention, it should datashete understood that the present invention is not intended to be limited to these embodiments.

System for the remote acquisition of the electric energy consumptions and for the remote control of the distributed targets of users, also of domestic type. The RF transmitter transmits signals corresponding to the pulses generated by the meter, in the case of a pulse-type meter, or in the case of an encoder-type of meter, the digital representation of the current meter reading, as an indication of the level of utility usage to either a utility company vehicle being driven in the vicinity, known as mobile RF, or to a remote receiver location in the vicinity, known as fixed RF.

This application is a continuation-in-part of copending application Ser. In a mobile configuration, data collection by the mobile van is downloaded to SFS 24 via disk, tape or other means, as determined by the particular RF system employed.

Preferably, decoder accomplishes this by processing the respective portions of image data using computer image processing techniques, including optical character recognition techniques to extract, from the respective portions of image data, data indicative of the respective visual representations of the respective data indicative of measurement of the respective phenomena being monitored by the respective meters, and thereafter, to generate therefrom the respective numeric data indicative of measurement of respective phenomena being monitored by the respective meters.

A virtual connection is then made over wide bank link 20 to SFS The controller records data indicative of such traffic activity in memory, and once the other controller has been determined to be finished communicating with the optical imaging devices with the control region of the controllerthe controller analyzes the traffic data to determine how to fit i.


When paging signals are received by the reception means which the means identifies as being intended for reception by the remote controller of which the means is a part, the means signals receipt of such signals to the controller The report times may be programmed into the RDUs at the time of installation or by the UDP during a communication therewith.

The collar assembly permits the meter to function normally. These fuses will withstand transient surge diodf generated by lighting in accordance with the attached table. Similarly, if the optical imaging devices are appropriately modified in ways apparent to those skilled in the art, switchesmay be made to independently control supply of power from switch to the scanning system and transmission devicerespectively, based upon control signals supplied to the switchesby the microprocessor Thus, advantageously, this embodiment of the present by12 essentially comprises a modular system for automatically monitoring and controlling utility consumption at a customer site and transmitting such data to a remote storage facility where it can be accessed by a utility dioce for billing purposes and related functions.

These fuses will withstand transient surge currents generated by lightning in accordancecircuit conditions.

Each optical device,also includes a plurality of controllable switches, Receipt by the controller of the bit stream from the RF device causes the controller to enter active mode.

In this embodiment, RMP 12 is equipped with a modem 30 configured for use with a conventional telephone network which is adapted by1266 transmit data to and receive data from the telephone company central office 16 through the utilization of telephone line Redundant wireless communications links also of the spread-spectrum radio frequency type, and of the same construction as that of links, may be provided between controller and imaging devices,and between controller and imaging devices,respectively, to permit controller to assume the role of a backup controller relative to controller in event of failure of controllerand to permit controller to assume the role of a backup controller relative to controller in event of failure of controller AprD diode bel by adtasheet rjs.

It should be understood that the foregoing discussion of the physical layout and construction of the optical imaging device was made with reference to use with a specific type of metering device i. Power source continually supplies power to microcontroller via conventional level converterwhich converter converts the 3.

Additionally, the utility can transmit information such as programming updates, service disconnect commands, new autonomous update mode times, and other control and system options or functions to the SFS to be downloaded to the RMP during its next autonomous update mode call. A focusing optical lens is attached to the underside of the board for permitting better scanning of the meter face portion by the imaging system of the device Each day, the utility company can then access and download the data which was transmitted and stored in SFS 24 during the previous day’s transmissions and use such data for billing purposes.

Automated meter reading system, communication and control network for automated meter reading, meter data collector program product, and associated methods.