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Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. Budd Hopkins, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN Budd Hopkins’ book ‘ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods’ investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien. Budd Hopkins, Writer: Intruders. Budd Hopkins was born on June 15, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Elliott Budd Hopkins. He is known for his work on.

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Her statement appears to violate all norms of scientific integrity. He seemed to have difficulty with some of them, and Linda spoke up to “correct” his budd. Yet the high priestess has, in effect, achieved the godhead metaphorically speaking, of course. Wheeling, West VirginiaU. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Linda also related a few more details of her November abduction.

Intruders by Budd Hopkins

Have other abductees been given similar advice? Some of the statements directly contradicted what Linda had earlier told Stefula and Butler. Dan wrote that he was in a mental institution and was kept sedated.

Drano the Sewerian [pseudonym]. Preview — Intruders by Budd Hopkins.

Later in the meeting the question arose about a intruderx agreement between Linda and Hopkins. His efforts have been instrumental in stimulating both media attention and scientific research devoted to the problem.

InHopkins was among five artists whose work was commissioned as part of a statewide effort to support the creative arts in West Virginia. Hopkins has interviewed this woman in person and over the phone. Truzzi understood that Clark believed that Linda was sincere in her claims and was telling the truth to the best of her ability.


Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber laid the foundations for my knowledge about alien abduction. But then again, how could he? This page was last edited on 17 Septemberat As I read more, however, I noticed some problems with the assumption of the reality of these experiences. He placed two fingers on the back of her neck, leading Linda to believe that it was a gun.

New York Times28 October, p. Further it is claimed that a woman who was driving across the Brooklyn Bridge also saw the event. Jacobshistory professor at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, and John Mack, psychiatry professor at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, [2] to design a Hopiins poll to find out how many of the nearly 6, respondents surveyed had experienced what the three believed to be symptoms indicative of alien abductions.

This state of affairs raises perplexing questions and cries out for a plausible explanation. Penn State University Press.

Budd Hopkins

He continued to rave incoherently, and as her head was being pushed under for the third time, bued believed that she would not come up again. She said that she had not and went on to say that the kidnapping was legal because it had to do with national security. Still others question whether it would be likely that alien abductors could actually float people through solid walls [48] and, if they could, wonder at how these people could escape detection, particularly in urban setting where there would, potentially, be millions of people around to witness the event.


She was asked to get into a car that Dan was driving, but she refused. The case has generated enormous interest and drawn international attention. After Hopkins’ account of the O’Barski case lntruders in The Village Voice in[2] [35] he began receiving regular letters from other UFO witnesses, [3] including a few cases of missing timeseemingly inexplicable gaps in abductees’ memories.


DNA from the hybrid babies, [17] [68] proof of implants that were alluded to particularly in the Cortile case [69] but never recovered, [50] [70] photographs or videotapes of space craft or aliens. Let me just say this; I see no reason to assume that these entities are who or what they say they are, and the abduction literature is amazingly void of accounts by professing born-again Christians. These questions have not been addressed, and thus the credibility of the only directly interviewed, corroborating, first-hand witness remains in doubt.

Panama City News Herald. Why didn’t she contact other UFO investigators?