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Piranesi | Designing from Ruins of AntiquityAmong the many conundrums of Jorge Luis Borges’ story “The Immortal” is the City of Immortals. The Immortal by Jorge Luis Borges. First Edition Provenance: February as a short story (Publisher unknown). Excerpt Provenance. By Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Caeares, and Norman Thomas di No longer subject to the exigencies of corporeality, they were immortal.

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Gaining my English degree incited a fire in my bones for literature; the real studying came after I had graduated.

The Immortal (short story)

The primitive men who live around the city, the men who he has been looking down on, provide him with company and he takes to teaching one. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Rufus spends centuries living with the Immortals, mostly immersed in thought, until the notion of the existence of a river with the powers to “take away” immortality causes the group to scatter in search of it in the tenth century.

The lengthy discourse strives to expand the intellect and stretch the imagination, but hardly grasping the helm of reality if one was not of great aptitude, that is — or more accurately, the reality of being.

I told him it was the Egypt, fed by the rains. I discovered afterward that the width and height of the treads on the staircases were not constant; it was this that explained the extraordinary weariness I felt.

Borges ignites in me a new passion for literature, so deep does he crawl into the unconscious. To the impression of the enormous antiquity others were added: The style of writing most often associated with him and his works is magical realism.

The constant symbol of the infinite is the labyrinth, which represents a dynamic of personal choice within the infinite permutations of existence. This is revealed once it becomes clear that the mute troglodytes are the immortals.


He has entered a realm of namelessness, a realm where the individual dies and returns to the cosmic fold of anonymity. Determined to find it, Rufus sets out for Africa with his soldiers.

This is not to say that I read books quickly. The metal treads of a stairway led up the wall.

Jorge Luis Borges’ City of the Immortals (Utopias and Dystopias #5)

Labyrinths are confusing, but comprehensible. I thought I recognized these men: He discovers the City of Immortals nearby, abandoned but for the troglodytes. And the future is death. What does the City of the Immortals tell us about immortality?

Because of his part or future virtues, every man is worth of all goodness, but also of all perversity, because of his infamy in the past or future Cautiously at first, with indifference as time went on, desperately toward the end, I wandered the staircases and inlaid floors of that labyrinthine palace.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. As long as it lasts, no one in the world can be strong or happy. Until one day, when the rain falls and Argos states that he wrote The Odyssey.

Among the Immortals, on the other hand, every act and every thought is the echo of others that preceded borgges in the past, with no visible beginning, or the faithful presage of others that in the future will repeat it to a vertiginous degree. I could see fortifications, arches, frontispieces, and forums; the foundation of it all was a stone plateau.

Jorge Luis Borges’ City of the Immortals (Utopias and Dystopias #5) – Alex Sager

The past, present, and future all exist at the same time. I descended the ladder and made my way through a chaos of squalid galleries to a vast, indistinct circular chamber. They set off to find it knowing that eventually they will drink from every river and find the one that allows them to die. After wandering through the desert and succumbing to harsh conditions, Rufus finds himself tied up in a recess on the side of a mountain.

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This City, I thought, is so horrific that tthe mere existence, the mere fact of immortaks having endured — even in ijmortals middle of a secret desert— pollutes the past and the future and somehow compromises the borgds.

By continuing thd use this website, you agree to their use. This palace is a fabrication of the gods, I thought at the beginning.

From niches in the valley and mountain emerge the Troglodytes who do not speak and devour serpents. He also told me of his own old age and of that late journey he had made—driven, like Ulysses, by the intention to arrive at the nation of men that know not what the sea is, that eat not salted meat, that know not what an oar might be.

As a writer, let me tell you a few things about Borges. Borges was an Argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires.

In this sense, Borges’ immortality has to do with a Nietzsche -inspired humanist immortality which immortalw around the super-abundant development of the person as an individual. There were corridors that led nowhere, unreachably high windows, grandly dramatic doors that opened onto monk like cells or empty shafts, incredible upside-down staircases with upside-down treads and balustrades.