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Please remember to click the logout button when exiting the EER site. Pricing. Subscribing to reports is both easy and affordable. Whether you need . Each year, thousands of properties submit their data to BOMA from markets across the U.S. and Canada. This year is no different: the Office EER offers .

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Experience Exchange Report (EER)

Plus, you can run separate reports for different market sectors or asset types. Home Facility Executive Live! Powered by highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure, Seos secures trusted identities on any form factor and can be extended for applications beyond physical access control. Status Check For Green Restrooms.

It also gives you an opportunity to see where you might need to rebid contracts or sharpen your pencil a little bit to stay within your market range so your property is operating as efficiently as possible. Zoccolaexecutive vice president, Hokanson Companies Inc. Just ask these property professionals. Gain a Competitive Advantage Tap into nearly a century of benchmarking excellence for the office sector.

Being able to demonstrate to your owner or your tenants that a building is performing well in comparison to others in your market makes a big difference. Eeer more at hidglobal. But if you’re only looking bomaa the numbers from your own building, you’re not getting the whole story. You can limit blma expand your data set by everything from location and property type to square footage, which means I can drill down to exactly the information I need.

Now, with the Industrial EER, you have a definitive resource offering this data that can be referenced online anytime you need it. Get the most comprehensive benchmarking data for the office and industrial sectors.

  BUK445 60A PDF

A Texas-Sized Facility Assessment. Despite increases in operating and fixed expenses, with standard operating expenses bom 1. Industrial-Strength Data Subscribe to the only resource of its kind for the industrial sector.

BOMA EER Benchmark Shows Income Increases

Use the detailed income, expense and occupancy information from thousands of properties across hundreds of markets to:.

The EER numbers also indicate that property professionals continue to operate their buildings as efficiently as possible, making strong asset management more critical than ever. There is no other resource for the industrial sector like the Industrial EER available in the industry.

The EER findings also indicate that the number of square feet per office worker decreased 2. The report showed a 2. Subscribe to the Office EER now. This data is consistent with other industry trends showing office space per worker is decreasing as organizations turn to more mobile work options and open office floor plans.

Working In A Winter Wonderland. It provides valuable insights into the performance of more than 5, buildings, in distinct markets, across cities in the United States and Canada. Question Of The Week: Whether you own or manage an office property, a medical office building, a corporate facility or a government building, only the Office EER has the data you need to remain competitive in a tightening marketplace.

The EER allows users to conduct multi-year analysis of single markets and analysis of special use facilities such as medical office buildings, financial buildings, agency managed, corporate facilities, and all-electric buildings. Use the Office EER to: Commercial properties are built on a foundation of data.


BOMA EER Benchmark Shows Income Increases | Facility Executive – Creating Intelligent Buildings

Preserve Energy Tax Deduction D? Use the detailed income, expense and occupancy information from thousands of properties across hundreds of markets to: Build better budgets and pro homa Evaluate and refine operational strategies to trim expenses and bolster NOI; Discover where service contracts may be over market averages and use this data to rebid them; Communicate metrics to owners, investors and tenants more effectively; Uncover trends in current and new markets with historical data; and more.

Radon Measurement Web App. Helix Armour Redundant Power. Identify opportunities for cost savings. With information collected from thousands of office buildings in markets across the U. Plus, subscribers can run separate reports for different market sectors or asset types.

Helix Armour Redundant Power December 28, Duro-Last Roofing Systems offer proven chemistry and decades of sound performance. Facility Executive — Creating Intelligent Buildings. With data collected from thousands of office buildings in hundreds of markets across the U. Discover market trends and more. The interactive online report allows you to go beyond the broad national and individual market data to design reports for your state, province or region; search by multiple building parameters broken down by countless line items, such as property size or age; and access historical data dating back to to help identify market trends.

Facility Executive December Issue. Lighting Controls System Integration.