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Last week I put together an article on High Intensity Super Slow Training. This is a type of strength training popularised by Doug McGuff in his book Body By. In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for. a research based program for strength training, body building and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week.

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This applies basically ALL workouts that are csience today. This twenty-step series of chemical reactions gradually converts glucose into pyruvate and then moves the pyruvate into the mitochondria. The gist and what does seem well supported is that our health and fitness are best served by infrequent bouts of high intensity exercise — basically, about 12 minutes of hardcore strength training heavy weights that lead to muscle failure in Loses a star because while most of it seems to be backed up by pretty decent science I’m basing this judgment on descriptions of studies, not on looking up the studies myself, because I’m far too lazyit has some unsupported claims sprinkled in.

It’s possible that with enough qualifications it would not contradict other books and studies, but they don’t tend to give those qualifications.

The Big-Five Workout Program | – Notes

The key to the Body by Science workout is to continue each exercise in a slow sustained movement until muscle failure. Starting Strength spent over thirty pages explaining the same thing. The moral of this tale is that insulin levels have to be controlled to create a permissive environment for fat mobilization.

Since this is not true in any manner there is no reason not to put for high intensity to become healthy and strong while losing the body fat. Nov 08, Alex Moskalyuk rated it it was ok. The next day I spent a few extremely intense seconds on an ARX.


So why is this important? Increased muscle mass, decreased fat levels, improved health markers and cardio fitness, not to mention significant strength gains. The problem really isn’t the burning of the calories but the state your body goes in.

This also applies to people that say that their job is like a workout, which in truth I guess it hody but one that is making you loss muscle and put on fat. Today, endomorphs who store body fat are often looked upon scienxe less fit than, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, who are mesomorphic with more lean mass.

Gary Knight has been a HIT advocate, practitioner and coach for over a decade.

Competition, it can be said, is simply accelerated evolution. Simply because those sports require specific movements that need to be trained and developed. They give well-researched reasons for their opinions, and well thought-out scientific explanations. Recommended to people with open mind for weight lifting and recovery.

In fact, during this 9 month experiment I starting doing a lot of fastingincluding a few 24 — 72 hour fasts. Early Nautilus machines are preferred to late Nautilus machines because they have the magic touch of Arthur Rock himself and are supposed to be somehow better with zero supporting evidence presented – I suppose the authors still steadfastly refuse to drive any car unless it was designed by Henry Ford, and the readers are supposed to buy into the nostalgic factor.

Such statements of “you ought to take up swimming, because you want long, lean muscles, not big, bulky muscles. What most people scienc of fat loss is they have to burn it off with steady state exercise exercise that is repetitive but low intensity for long periods of time.

The movements are shown by McGuff himself. I liked the introductory passages on muscle biology boyd clear and well written. That same article also explains tempo, timing and all the other intricacies. Up until today, I have been performing moderately intense strength training about twice a week.


The scientific bits are interesting.

body by science | Corporate Warrior

In fact, some of my corporate coaching clients have put on muscle while using this voug. My bench hasn’t gone down in two years and has gone up a bit.

Having worked as a health coach and personal trainer for over a decade, he now researches all things health and wellness and shares his findings on his blog. In other words, the genetic cream rises to the top through the selective pressure of competition. McGuff is an Emergency physician with an avocation for fitness and John Little is a professional fitness trainer. Concerning the program itself: So I lost muscle mass and put more body fat on and became really unhealthy that way even though I was trying to do the opposite.

Body By Science High Intensity Training Review: My 9 Month Experiment

The authors recommend days rest between workouts. If you find that you have misjudged the resistance you should be using and are performing the exercise for too long more than ninety secondskeep going until you hit positive failure, and increase the weight by approx.

Remember, I used to train on average x a week, each session lasting minutes. Please help improve it by mcguf them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. The goal is to keep tension on the muscle for 90sec-3minutes.