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BHRIGU NANDI NADIBy RG. Rao in the charts; Dh. = Demon’s head (Rahu) Dt. = Demon’s tail (Ketu) INTRODU. BRIGHU – NANDI NADI ASTROLOGY has members. Brighu-Nandi Nadi Astrology topics will be discussed in this group. 1 Do not post any horoscope in. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA – a new perspective based on Bhrigu Nandi Naadi and Tradition .. Sri Rama Murthy. Bhrigu Nadi Astrologer & Palmist.

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As my observation goes Sani, Budha if well placed and linked up to Ketu denotes the consciousness at Vignanamaya Kosha. Native will be humorous, cleverer, shrewd and wittier. Moon exactly reflects what Sun and Mercury are in his cart. First four are available in leading book stalls of Nadu Nadu, remaining two are out of print, but xerox copies are under circulation.

No separate theory and explanation. Native will possess good written skills.

Obviously no Planet does have a backward movement all of a sudden. As we are going to consider a personality who achieved a bhrigk point of Spirituality, the planets for my consideration are Sun, Moon and Ketu mainly.


The Implication part of Astrology has got nothing to do with Astronomy and it is the age old belief of the Astrologers and a common sense to see that the Sky particles like Stars, planets and Signs etc, are there to influence the life on earth as it is the only place where we find Life and drama too.

Obviously when nxndi frees a jeeva from bonds that is the ultimate freedom. All the results are altered to the extent the Mercury bhriu the other planet.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Saturn position in 10 th aptly shows his Karma gathi, can Jupiter give the same temparament? Customers who bought this item also bought.


Jupiter Retro — It is Jeeva in bhfigu of Males. Visit our Help Pages. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Some consider this combination to create lazyness, delay, and some consider it to be a yoga which affect the intelligence level Negatively The point of Investment in Land comes because of mercury association with Mars.


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. A retro Saturn will throw the native out of Job or authority unless a strong Jupiter supports. A weak moon moon here is nearing its debilitation and is avarohi then lives on alms. And Earth centered to understand the “as if concept”.

Sapta rishi Nadi 4. You need some teacher to explain the book. Jeeva loses itself into worldly actions.

He lived for 39 years which is again 3. Rahu and Kethu are inimical to all the other planets.

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

He left body in which is again 3. Husband will be famous 3. Join Group settings More. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This number might denote the tripura amsa in his birth.


This is what is Retro with Planets. Audible Download Audio Books. Sri Sai Santhoshi Jyothish Sansthan.