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The first stanza of the composition, featuring the eponymous line “Bhaja Govindam”, reads as follows. The background of Bhaja GovindaM is worth examining. During his stay in. Kashi , Adi Shankaracharya noticed a very old man studying the rules of Sanskrit. भज गोविन्दम्: Bhaj Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary. Item Code: NZB Cover: Paperback. Edition: Publisher: Rashtriya Sanskrit.

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His words can be compared to a knife of a surgeon. A biography of Shankara and his other compositions of Vedic literature can be found in the shankara.

Chant the holy name of God and silence the turbulent mind. In this prayer, Adi Shankaracharya emphasizes the importance of devotion for God as a means to spiritual development and to liberation from bhja cycle of birth and death. Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same!

Bhaja Govindam

At the end of composing the first stanza, it is said that Shankara burst forth with the next 12 stanzas of bhaja govindam. Even then the attachment is strong and he clings firmly to fruitless desires. Wonderful items and service! Translated by Giridhar, M.


What is the Truth? Thanks many times over! Still in his heart, he is a wretched puppet at the hands of passions. Subbulakshmi is very popular.

Chronology of Hindu texts. Bhaja govindaM is one of the minor compositions of the spiritual giant, Adi Shankaracharya. It is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsAra. I have been very pleased with all the items. Look Inside the Book.

Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. Reader is requested to consult a dictionary and commentaries for govjndam details.

भज गोविन्दम्: Bhaj Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary

And rest assured that I will soon order more books. Stanza attributed to surendra. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for govnidam purpose without permission.

The first stanza of the composition, featuring the eponymous line “Bhaja Govindam”, reads as follows: Hence, the hymn bears the title “Dvadasamanjarika- Stotra ” A hymn govimdam is a bunch of twelve verse-blossoms. Ponder thus, look at everything as essence-less and give up the world as an idle dream.


I highly recommend others to use this site. You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. Stanza attributed to vArttikakAra sureshvara. Give up all attachments and renounce all comforts. Ponder over sanslrit real nature.

Please note sans,rit your card will be active in the system for 30 days. At the time of your death, Rules of grammar will not save you. However, the significance of the text goes much deeper and contains a well defined philosophy of attaining salvation.

The statues arrived yesterday. Redeem me through Thy mercy.

Shankara added the finishing touches by adding five of his own stanzas at the last bringing the total to What bhaaja the purpose of life?