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Automatismi Benincà SpA dichiara, inoltre, che la documentazione tecnica pertinente è stata compilata BULL 5M per cancelli con peso massimo pari a kg. Beninca BULL5M / BULL5M.S – Vac Motor for sliding gates weighing up to kg Replaced by BULL or BULL10M. Beninca BULL5M v Sliding Gate Motor – kg.

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We supply a range of accessories for gates which accompany our range of gate automation products including; battery back-up kits, led courtesy lights, relays etc.

Safety and Security Equipment. Electric Garage Door Opener. Manufacturers include Daitem and AES.

We stock a wide range of quality audio wired intercoms, with or without keypad, including the simple to fit Farfisa two wire systems and the popular Videx models.

We supply a range of GSM Intercoms to suit any budget. We supply a collection of barrier accessories including; LED beam lights, fixed and mobile beninva posts, barrier skirts etc. Impact Gate Force Tester Equipment.

BENINCA Bull5m Operator Gate Opener for Sliding Gates With Control Unit 500kg

Pedestrian Side Gate Kits. We stock all types and brands of photocell beams including surface and flush versions. The choice is based on the gate weight. We hire force testers to check and beeninca the force levels during installation ensuring they meet the current standards. Standard and high speed versions, with battery back-up on some models.

Electric Sliding Gates Kits. Electric Gate Wheel Drive Kits. Sign up to the official newsletter today! Twin Sliding Gate Kits. We stock a range of electric gate automation kits for 5 bar, wooden and metal single gates.

Farfisa Audio Intercom with Null5m. Our recommended single gate kits include electric locks, and motor stops as standard. Tags and cards are supplied for use on all systems. We supply a full range of swing gate hardware such as non-weld adjustable bracket sets, rising wheel stops, mechanical floor locks etc. These include everything you will need to make a standard gate into a sliding gate. We supply a variety of colour video intercom systems with or without keypad, including the popular two wire simple to fit See Easy system from Farfisa.


Our sliding gate motors encompass safety, reliability and ease of control in one package.

Our new 36V barriers use Brushless motors that offer a true non-stop running ability with battery back-up also available. We can provide locks to suit all applications. Our range of wireless door phones, give the user a wireless connection between the gate call point and the house.

Posts are available in a variety of lengths, finishes and in straight or swan neck versions. We supply easy to use gate force testers and the required spacer sets.

Suitable for all applications from the end of a private track to a busy car park.

Beninca Bull 5M – Grital Group

Fadini Gate Automation Spares. We stock a collection of proximity readers from those that are modular on intercom call stations, to standalone units with external readers. We provide a number of different keypads both in bsninca and wireless versions. Your shopping cart is empty! Our solar powered systems in 12v and brushless 24v offer the latest battery saving technology.

Beninca BULL5M v Sliding Gate Motor – kg

Farfisa Video Intercom – Single with Keypad. V2 Bkll5m Gate Spares. We also offer bespoke and powered opening solutions. We supply control panels for all the gate automation brands, and an excellent range of universal control boards that meet the current safety standards which are ideal for replacing old and new panels alike. Gate Kits By Brand. Genius Electric Gate Spares.


Ready-made sliding gate hardware kits are available based on the size of your opening.


Out Of Production Please click the link to the new model above. If mains access is not accessible, we supply a range of solar powered gate openers. All our control boards include obstacle detection and safety edge inputs.

Gate Kits Above Ground Automation. The units allow you to call from the outside call station via GSM to an existing house phone, and or mobile phone.

Safety is of the utmost importance to the Electric Gate Shop, we supply wired and wireless safety edges in a variety of profiles to ensure your gate is as safe as possible. We only offer reliable power supplies that will give a long trouble free service. We can help to identify and provide the correct original replacement remote for you, or can offer high quality compatible cloning remotes in fixed or rolling code versions.

Our wheel drive kits provide a solution for gates that open tight against a wall or fence, and the opening angle is degrees. Solar Powered Gate Opener. Wheel drive motors are suitable for use on long gates on hard surfaces. We provide readymade pedestrian gate kits using either mechanical or magnetic locks, with a choice of access controls to suit your requirements.

Equipped with foundation plate.