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Astonishing The Gods [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a story for all ages, set in a time and place best known to lovers. to contribute a book review of one of my recent reads, Astonishing the Gods by Nigerian author, Ben Okri. I was both extremely excited and. Set on an enchanted island, Astonishing the Gods is shot through with the gentle magic of Ben Okri’s imaginative prose. Okri’s fifth novel is an.

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Personally, I prefer books with clearer plots and the poetic imaginings felt a little too indulgent for me, but even so I found it an interesting, thought-provoking short read. But it is unequivocally revealing about its author’s god relationship with European literature and the pride he takes in his erudition.

All the same, one longs for genuinely fresh insight, and Okri’s use of astonshing like rainbows, unicorns and fauns contribute to a feeling that it’s more like a pastiche of classic spiritual allegories than the kind of original work that could stand alongside them.

Ben Okri: Astonishing The Gods (Head of Zeus)

Thanks for the link, I have likewise added The Famished Road now. May 03, Alia Makki rated it it was amazing. But just boring me.

Repetitive, packed full of contradictory language deliberately but for no apparent reason! This book was tough for me to finish, despite the astoniwhing that it is quite short.

Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on astonihsing, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. From the Booker prize-winning author of The Famished Road comes this bewitching novel.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. They were just said and accepted with no explanation. Adding this one to my list. Things peak at different times for different peoples. The failure of exact memory is, in itself, important. May 12, Ireene rated it it was ok. We aim to please. Okri is a smooth man. It was part self-help, part mystical new age twaddle and it left me angry on reading.


A young, unidentified man leaves his home country on a quest, arrives at a fabulous island, meets three different enigmatic guides and undergoes a series of abstract and allegorical trials.

Sieghart admires him because his mental processes are different from hers: At first it was a lecture. But ogds is a long time coming. Stej for your excellent review.

Correction 3 12 Jul 10, At the same time he was reading every book he could lay his hands on. In Hunter Davies’s view, Okri’s own story is more interesting than the stories he writes, though Davies has expressed some mild scepticism about the claims to precocious literary interest. I want to be visible.

Then he “realised that we [that is to say indigenous Africans] have philosophers just as profound”. There is plenty of symbolism in the prose and its abstract feel — the meandering of the story, the often flowery language loaded with arcane subtext — means there is a presence of the intangible, the spiritual. It is as if, despite the literary distinction that brought him the Booker Prize and half a dozen other glittering awards, he still feels he has something to prove about his education.

Astonishing the Gods by Ben Okri

I aim to please, sadly with my lack of death perception my aim bej wildly, so glad to have got one in the metaphorical bullseye. The invisible character has no name and no actual physical shape, so he could be anyone: I gave my book club a selection of Okri’s work and I have a funny feeling they at going to be very cranky with me. The moment a work of art is understood it disappears I want some ugliness.

Paperbackpages. Ikri seems to be one of those authors that people have heard of more than read but I hope i can help redress the balance somewhat. Thus there was no need for a whole book; essentially, Okri wrote an essay, split it in half, then stuffed a meandering mess of incomprehensible metaphors between them and tied it all together with the word astonishing.


Okri wrote it to mark the Millennium which he regards as “a great shining, hopeful moment, a good time to belt out a joyful story”. For if you ask yourself many questions, you will never be short of something to ponder upon. And there is a second reason to have doubts about the provenance of Okri’s thought process.

It made me think about astonishng importance of appearances. It’s here, in the stillness. The complex nature of the ideas leaves the book open to interpretation but for once the object of the story is not so much the conclusion but the journey of understanding and of the process of attaining such.

You are commenting using your WordPress. But astonixhing be otherwise, to write other things that are less mystical, more commercial, turns me and my table and every technological advantage bestowed upon me into flaccid matter as dull as dinars. The magical quality also provides protection against critics who dislike his work but moderate their condemnations because of embarrassment about their failure to understand it. The writing is poetic and sensuous astoniwhing I am not entirely sure that I got the point of it all.

Yet his question remains: In a uniform gocs, Okri is different – not because he is black but because he writes in a way which is new to our culture and describes events which are outside our experience. I hate to think we are doomed to repetition, even as I see history repeating itself both big and small.