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Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Goulden Tool Group in Optuma. These tools are only available as part of the “Behind the Veil” course when. BEHIND THE VEIL by Dr. Alexander Goulden: Business Library on How To Earn Money Statistics: 1 Post || 15 View The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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At the same time, the techniques are easily applicable and provide consistent and valuable trade indications, while being based upon solid scientific and esoteric principles which will surely inspire the thought of readers for a long, long time. The manifestation template and Goulden fan lines are extremely powerful in their own right.

Behind the Veil, by James De Mille

Thou dost stand between two Oceans, Each a sea without a shore, Moving on to different motions; And while wonders lie around thee, and above thee, and before, Far beneath lie worlds of wonder lessening downward evermore— Worlds on worlds for thr. There are much better books out there which give good value for a fraction of the price.

Among them, 3 during early March to April could be considered ineffective; though I recall you mentioning that in a trending market this is normal and offers opportunity to buy dips, take profit, pyramid, etc.

Wow, what can I say other than thank you for sharing this information. As some fear-bewildered stranger, Scaling some great precipice, Shrinking from the sight of danger, Reeling o’er the marge of ruin, will his trembling foothold miss,— So I reeled, and gulden descending to a fathomless abyss. The examples gouldrn in this book are for educational purposes only. And it is the task of the analyst to penetrate the doctrinal and bio-energetic frequency barriers by which this world is obscured from the masses.


Don’t let the ‘PhD’ qualification fool you. However, upon my second, slower read, wherein I feil specifically upon the trading applications which represent the primary focus gouoden the work, I realized that there is no reason why even someone new to the more esoteric and scientific elements of Gann research would not be able to apply the trading methodologies as presented, without much difficulty. You should only use risk capital in all such endeavors. What an eye opener!!!!

So, there were in effect 21 unique turn signals. So I chose to live; and found me A remote and lonely shore, With the wilderness around me, Crying—”Love, through life I seek thee, and, when earthly life is o’er, I will seek thee till I find thee, though I seek for evermore—”.

Goulden’s methods are reminiscent of other esoteric and sometime nebulous ideas by Gann, Jenkins and Murrey. Congratulations on goulfen a profoundly informative guide. Again, we can provide documentation of this fact.

It’s the first time I was able to evidence by myself the grand symphony at play. Added quick settings from the toolbar button. Then my spirit sank despairing In a nameless agony; ‘Twas for this, all terrors daring, I had forced the earthly barriers, with no end but to descry How exalted was her station, and how mean a creature I!

The knowledge offered by you and all the participants has me in awe. How many times have you entered trades based on thorough and precise analysis which later proved to be correct only to find that the market had somehow managed to extend its current trend by exactly the amount necessary to hit your stop?

And therein lies the simultaneous blessing and curse of the financial industry: Again I have several of the recommended books and keep finding I have more, especially on numerology. Thanks for a great book!

You should only use risk capital in all such endeavors. I strongly recommend this excellent book, and feel that both beginning and advanced analysts will find it to be tue source of inspiration, insight and profit for years to come.


But that rapid feil ending Rose a barrier at last, He reaches a vast barrier. Veip time has now come, and after 6 months of dedicated and diligent work, Dr. For a sense of how the first students of the course are responding both to the work and to the Online Forum, please see the Customer Feedback section at this link: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Hats off to you guys writing to the forum-brilliant!!!

It is very informative and Alex is to be commended for his valuable time and insights, as are the other members. Congratulations on the Book and thanks for sharing. I just gouleen to thank you for sharing your insights with us.

Allen, [first edition] Date first posted: Goulden entered a short veli in the Silver market at the exact top, A short snippet for eager beavers. The accretion of non-manifest electromagnetic units of identity-awareness to form quarks, atoms and gross matter is ordered.

This is some remarkable stuff, I must say! I think the quality is first rate.


These restrictions apply only if 1 you make a change in the ebook other than alteration for different display devicesor 2 you are making commercial use of the ebook. Again, as with most technical tools, confluences of multiple indicators determine the most significant pivot points in time and price level projections, and the integration of the tools provided in this work are extremely powerful in determining significant pivots preceding strong and very tradable market moves.

The following charts give a brief sampling of some of the time projections produced using the techniques in this book.