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Bella POV. I was currently sat in Alice’s room with Alice and Rose stood in front of me holding too many beauty cosmetics for my liking. “C’mon. found the first one! its Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Kikiblue Oh and another I just remembered about, It has like The Saw plot, and they have to do. Beautiful Dirty Rich by • One Bet. Bella bets Edward that after a week of some raw sexcapades he won’t want to stop. He bets her.

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I’ve Seen Too Much 3.

When Edward moves to Forks with his sister, Esme, he is immediately drawn to the mysterous Bella Cullen. I stood with my back towards his chest and he had his hands on my hips whilst I had my arms wrapped around his neck.

You dorty better than I thought! Twenty minutes later we were in the club, music blasting through the speakers, people practically dry humping on the dance floor.

I heard a squeal come from Alice. Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. Further on into the night, Bella has a thought. I do not own anything. Kikibule were dancing for a while and I didn’t seem to notice that half of the male population in the club was staring at me.


As nervous as I was, I hoped the night would be okay, I knew I had terrible dancing skills and I knew the girls would be dragging me up on the dance floor, much to my dismay. She curled my hair and tied it up leaving two single strands down bj my face.

Honor student Bella Swan has mastered the arts…of manipulating her divorced parents, rolling the perfect joint, iikiblue faking an orgasm. Much love to all who are reading this.

Bad Girl/Rebelella – TwiFanfictionRecs

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Edward is waiting to be ordained as a Catholic priest. And she just walked back into my life. Embed this content in your HTML.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

She loves him and he loves her but will their love survive drugs, fame and jealousy? J’Veut Ton Amour 5. I’ve decided to revise and re-write BDR because I didn’t like the way it was turning out.

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dity Claim or contact us about this channel. All too soon Alice had squealed when a song came on, I saw Edward laugh at me slightly, so I left Alice and dragged him up too. Behind a painted smile lies secrets many wish to keep.


I was currently sat in Alice’s room with Alice and Rose stood in front of me holding too many beautidul cosmetics for my liking. Edward’s Eternal, Fanfiction, Rec, Twilight.

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Beautiful Dirty Rich Chapter 1: Beautiful Dirty Rich, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

I already have our outfits didty out and I know it’s going to be a great night! Alice looked at me and smiled. Beautiful Dirty Rich 2. One who didn’t know them on a personal level might call them obscene.

They […] imarieswancullenRead on Fanfiction. Whether the other adolescents wanted to scam their way into friendships, the sole reason being the benefits that will follow or the grown men and women who were looking for a way into fortune. You’re all beautiful and dirty rich! Thank you for bearing with me. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.