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The current administration has already completely repaired one of the two schools, replacing the An evening with Arthur Meschian .. Thus, he is not banking on making it big in Armenia, unfortunately. .. Gomidas Street, a block or two up from the open market and across from the old public bath house. The Yerevan Vernissage open-air exhibition-market formed in the late s on Aram mid s, mainly through Arthur Meschian and his band Arakyalner ( Disciples). .. It is Armenia’s financial hub, being home to the Central Bank of Armenia, the “Mika sporting facility placed under management of Armenian finance. The management of the Yerevan State Medical University is carried out by the educational and scientific program such as Tacis-Tempus and World Bank. .. in in the underground minstrel and rock musician Arthur Meschian’s band. .. market-based society began with its independence from the Soviet Union in.

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Mischaracterizing social psychology to support the laudable goal of increasing its political diversity. I correct their misunderstandings marjeting agreeing with their view that political diversity, along with other forms of diversity, stands to benefit social psychology. Manwgement the psychology of seeking support to increase Health Science student engagement in academic support services.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Increasing student engagement within higher education academic support services is a constant challenge. Whilst engagement with support is positively associated with successful retention, and non-engagement connected to attrition, the most vulnerable students are often the least likely to engage.

Our data mangement shown that Health Science students are reluctant to engage with academic support services despite being made aware of their academic deficiencies.

The School of Health Sciences made attendance at support courses compulsory for those students who were below the benchmark score in a post entrance literacy test.

These findings are encouraging and will help reduce student attrition in the long term. Social Welfare and the Psychology of Food Sharing: Do politically irrelevant events influence important policy opinions? Previous research on social welfare attitudes has emphasized the role of political factors such as economic self-interest and ideology.

Here, we demonstrate that attitudes to social welfare are also influenced by short-term flu Here, we demonstrate that attitudes to social welfare are also influenced by short Using theories in evolutionary psychologywe predict that hungry individuals will be greedier and take more resources from others while also attempting to induce others to share by signaling cooperative intentions and expressing support for sharing, including evolutionarily novel forms Putting Psychological Science Into Action.

Vaccination is one of the great achievements of the 20th century, yet persistent public-health problems include inadequate, delayed, and unstable vaccination uptake. Psychology offers three general propositions for understanding and intervening to increase uptake where vaccines are available and affordable. The first proposition is that thoughts and feelings can motivate getting vaccinated.

Hundreds of studies have shown that risk beliefs and anticipated regret about infectious disease correlate reliably with getting vaccinated; low confidence in vaccine effectiveness and concern about safety correlate reliably with not getting vaccinated.

We were surprised to find that few randomized trials have successfully changed what people think and feel about vaccines, and those few that succeeded were minimally effective in increasing uptake.

The second proposition is that social processes can motivate getting vaccinated. Substantial research has shown that social norms are associated with vaccination, but few interventions examined whether normative messages increase vaccination uptake. Many experimental studies have relied on hypothetical scenarios to demonstrate that altruism and free riding i. The third proposition is that interventions can facilitate vaccination directly by leveraging, but not trying to change, what people think and feel.

These interventions are by far the most plentiful and effective in the literature. To increase vaccine uptake, these interventions build on existing favorable intentions by facilitating action through reminders, prompts, and primes and reducing barriers through logistics and healthy defaults ; these interventions also shape behavior through incentives, sanctions, and requirements.

Although identification of principles for changing. The minyan as a psychological support system. Through such involvements, people are offered vital assistance in dealing with developmental changes, opportunities for personal development and for group supportand more generally, a sense of continuity and of meaning in life.

This paper deals with only one small aspect of Jewish observance, an aspect of the centuries-old required weekly prayer groups-the minyan. The prime emphasis resides in the rarely recognized, nonliturgical dimension of this small group experience. Using psychoanalysis in the sense of a general psychology as background, I have considered the minyan as combining elements of a psychological support system and of a small group. In addition to the gratification of affiliative needs social hunger and the countering of loneliness and of isolation, this group experience helps its members maintain an intergenerational sense of personal identity and of self-esteem.


In the face of marked life stressors such as death in the family, religious institutions such as the minyan, with its prescribed ritual steps for grieving i.

I have also hypothesized that on a covert, fantasy level, the caring and nurturing family-like weekday minyan may even represent a mother-symbol mother group in line with people’s universal need to establish a psychological union with others, thus restoring an earlier, conflict-free state of the child-mother bond. In an extended societal sense, the earlier emphasis in Western cultures on the virtual worship of individuality, autonomy, and independence has given way recently to a renewed appreciation of cooperation, communalism, and altruism.

The minyan, as a small religious communal aggregate with its inherent climate of mutuality, reciprocity, and continuity, has, in a sense, anticipated these new.

In this research, to what extent the variables of perceived social support family, friends and special people and assertiveness predicted the psychological well-being levels of candidate psychological counselors. The research group of this study included totally randomly selected candidate psychological counselors including females….

Full Text Available Has the emergence of evolutionary psychology had an increasing impact on personality and social psychological research published over the past two decades? If so, is its growing influence substantially different from that of other emerging psychological areas?

To compare the growing impact of evolutionary psychology with other psychological areas, similar keywords searches were performed in JPSP for emotion and motivation, judgment and decision making, neuroscience and psychophysiology, stereotyping and prejudice, and terror management theory.

increased psychological support: Topics by

The manwgement in evolutionary theory in JPSP over time was practically equal to the mean increase over time for the other five areas. Thus, evolutionary psychology has played an increasing role in shaping personality and social psychological research over the past 20 years, and is growing at a rate consistent with other emerging psychological areas.

The authors surveyed public sector employees on 4 measurement occasions to investigate msechian conceptual distinctiveness of the psychological contract and perceived organizational support POS and how they are associated over time. Results support the distinctiveness of the 2 concepts. In terms of their interrelationships over time, by drawing on psychological contract theory the authors found little support for a reciprocal relationship between POS and psychological contract fulfillment. Under an alternative set of hypotheses, marketig drawing on organizational support theory and by separating psychological contract fulfillment into its 2 components perceived employer obligations and inducementsthe authors found that perceived employer inducements were positively related to POS, which, in turn, was negatively related to perceived employer obligations.

The results suggest that POS meschizn the components of psychological contract fulfillment are more important in predicting organizational citizenship behavior than psychological contract fulfillment. Copyright APA, all rights reserved. Social psychological -pedagogical support of singleparent family. Full Text Available The article deals with the definition of the concept of “incomplete family”, describes the typology of single-parent families, the necessity of special social psychological marketinf pedagogical support for children from such families and their parents has been proved.

The idea of psychological and pedagogical support of modern incomplete families has been determined.

Students often perceive cognitive psychology as an abstract and difficult subject with little intrinsic interest. When student feedback identified problems with the traditional essay assessment in a cognitive psychology module, action research led to the development of a forensic scenario-based assessment which successfully increased student….

A survey of psychological support provision for people with inflammatory arthritis in secondary care in England. The consequences of inflammatory arthritis can include depression, anxiety and low mood, reducing patients’ quality of life and increasing pressure on the healthcare system. Treatment guidelines recommend psychological supportbut data are lacking on the provision available.

A postal survey concerning psychological support provision was sent to rheumatology units in acute trusts across England. Rheumatology units viewed psychological support provision as part of their remit but rated their overall provision as inadequate, despite some team members using psychological skills.

Arthur Meschian

To improve provision, clinicians’ training needs must be addressed and organizational support generated, and further research needs to define adequate psychological support provision from the patient perspective.

Coping, family social supportand psychological symptoms among student veterans. With rising numbers of student veterans on today’s college campuses, multicultural competence in college counseling centers increasingly includes an understanding of military culture and its relation to the psychological health and functioning manabement student veterans. Research on interpersonal and intrapersonal factors associated with college student veterans’ mental health is scarce.


Yerevan State Medical University

The current study examines the contributions of coping style and family social support on symptoms of anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress in a student veteran sample.

We also tested the moderating role of family social support in the relationship between coping style and psychological symptoms. Data from student veterans were analyzed by using path analysis. Results revealed that avoidant coping and family social support significantly predicted depressive and anxiety symptoms.

Avoidant coping also significantly predicted posttraumatic stress symptoms.

In addition, findings indicated that family social support moderated the relationship between problem-focused coping and depression, as well as between avoidant coping and symptoms of anxiety and depression but not posttraumatic stress. Implications of results for college and university counselors are discussed.

Reliably expanding our clinical practice makreting lowering our overhead with telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling and online therapy, requires resilient and antifragile system and tools.

When utilized appropriately these technologies may provide greater access to needed services to include more reliable treatment, consultation, supervision, and training. The wise and proper use of mxnagement is fundamental to create and boost outstanding social results.

We present, as an example, the main steps to achieve application resilience and antifragility at system level, for diagnostic and therapeutic telepractice and telehealth supportdevoted to psychiatry and psychology application. This article presents a number of innovations that can take psychotherapy treatment, supervision, training, and research forward, towards increased effectiveness application.

The importance of training non- psychology healthcare professionals to offer psychological support to people with cancer is becoming increasingly recognized. This small-scale pilot project sought to identify the training and support needs of oncology staff and to evaluate the effectiveness of a Level 2 Psychological Support Training Program workshop.

Semi-structured interviews with five members of multidisciplinary oncology staff identified that training needs were primarily around communication skills, recognizing and dealing with emotions, offering support and empathy, markdting self-care.

Pre and post-training questionnaires developed with these themes in mind revealed that the Level 2 Training Program workshops run in this network of hospitals are effective in increasing participants’ levels of perceived knowledge and confidence across each of these domains.

Recommendations are made for further enhancing this effectiveness. This study aimed to determine the relationship between secondary school teachers’ view regarding Organizational Support and Psychological Contract Violation.

Arthur Meschian – WikiVividly

The study conducted with relational screening model included secondary school teachers employed in Bolu central district in academic year. Perceived Organizational Support Scale…. Social supportlocus of control, and psychological well-being. Social support seems to be positively narketing to psychological well-being. Studies have shown that individual differences exist in the ability to mmarketing and use sources of support.

The current study focused on locus of control as a personality factor that might be related to this ability, In 2. Underpinning a general pattern of higher suicide rates in men is the assumption that men do not ask for help or utilize the health-care system during times of psychological distress. There has been a failure to grapple with meshian dynamic of when, how and from whom men might ask for help during times of psychological distress, and what key barriers or enabling factors are likely to influence potential help-givers’ capacity or willingness to offer help to men in psychological distress.

The aim of this study was to investigate how masculine norms impact men’s help-seeking as well as care givers’ behaviors and willingness to support men in need of psychological help or perceived to be at risk of suicide. The principles of grounded theory were used for data analysis. Psychological predictors of cultural diversity support at work. As diversity management activities become more prominent worldwide it is important to understand psychological reactions to them to ensure success, but empirical evidence is lacking.

This study investigated employees’ and managers’ intentions and behavior to promote cultural diversity at work in a variety of organizations in the Netherlands, using Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior. Participants’ average age at Time 1 was Attitude to cultural diversity promotion at work and perceived behavioral control PBC related positively to both individuals’ intentions to promote cultural diversity at work, which in turn predicted behavior.

The strongest driver, however, was attitude.