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Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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A category allows specifying the particular nature of the object in question. Because of the need that all autosa in the parameter definition have to resolved in the parameter description there does not exist an according choice container description but a Container is used to represent the chosen subcontainers. Example of an object diagram for a foreign reference In the example in figure 3.

It does not apply any confifuration semantics to the parameter. Both approaches are equally valid. These cases make it extremely difficult to obtain consistency within the overall configuration.

In the ECU Configuration Description the actual choice will be taken and there will be only one reference destination left6. If the upperMultiplicity is bigger than 1 then the choice is available for each element.

Details on the System Configuration Description can be found in [7]. When the value of configuration parameters is to be changed the module configuration object file needs to be replaced by the one containing the new parameters. In the next sections these different parameter types will be described in detail.

The dependencies reflect the direct cofniguration between a Container and a ContainerDef as well as a ParameterValue and a ParameterType. Configuration tools are required only to support a single standardized interface, the ECU Configuration Description Template, but there is no overall picture of the state of configuration for a particular ECU because each tool specializes only on a particular subset of the configuration.

With the ability to establish relationships between containers and parameters and the means to specify references, the definition of parameters has enough power for the needs of the ECU Configuration. In order to generate a working executable that runs ts the ECU, much more configuration information must be provided.


For example, cnofiguration DIO driver for a specific microcontroller has a fixed number of DIO ports and channels that can be configured. Infrastructure Instances of this class can be referred to by their identifier while adhering to namespace borders. The implementation on the other hand fixes the configuration class for each parameter, and configudation corresponding value chosen must be specified.

Reference to the definition of this ModuleConfiguration. Sequential Application of tools Figure 2.

Specification of ECU Configuration

With the attribute destinationType the type of the referenced entity has to be specified. Such configuration parameters are called Derived Configuration Parameters. Link Type Description 1 reference Exactly one reference to an parameter container is allowed as destination.

This configuration class provides a modular approach to the configuration process. Otherwise both attributes are shown.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Only one configuration parameter within a container may have this attribute set to true. Link Type reference to instance Description Table 3.

Link Type String Second, within the configuration of each hardware instance, some parameters that are changeable in the general case are fixed by hardware for certain instances. String FunctionNameValue Figure 3.

Configuration of parameters can be cconfiguration in any of these process-steps: The different tool chain models given in sections 2. The correctness of the entered string will be checked during the generation of the Configuration Parameter Definition XML file.

Base Class es Attribute Identifiable abstract M The values of this attribute should be globally unique strings prefixed by the type of identifier. ConfigReference is an Identifiable so it is mandatory to give each reference configuratiob name. Pre-compile time configuration chain [ecuc sws ] This type of configuration is a standalone configuration done before compiling the source code.

Generation is the process of applying the tailored ECU Configuration Description to the software modules. The examples for the individual parameters are taken from figure 3.

This is described in section 3. The short names of optional elements that are omitted from the VSMD must not be used for vendor specific confifuration. ChoiceReferenceDef All the available choices are connected via associations with the role name destination at the referenced object autosxr example in figure 3.


This is shown in the example 3. Link Type lowerMultiplicity String 1 aggregation upperMultiplicity String 1 aggregation Description The lower multiplicity of the specified element. Nevertheless tools need the knowledge about ECU Configuration Parameters and their constraints such as configuration configkration, value range, multiplicities etc. Example of an object diagram for container definition In the XML outtake in example 3.

They are fully automatic, since all input driving these steps is included in the ECU Configuration Description.

To give a better impression how the referencing mechanism and code generation may work the ModuleConfigurations of the using and the providing modules are shown here. ConfigReferenceValue [ecuc sws ] The metamodel class ReferenceValue provides the mechanism to reference to any model autosarr of type Identifiable.

The heart of the tool would be a framework that provides certain core services such as importing and exporting data from standard file formats, maintaining standard internal data structures and providing aufosar HMI to the user. Even if a parameter currently is defined as a plain ParameterType it can be easily redefined to become a DerivedParamType in a later version of the parameter definition. There are three different parts involved in the development of aurosar ECU Configuration: Therefore the EcuParameterDefinition defines a reference relationship to the definition of several Software Modules in the module attribute.

For these definitions there is no corresponding entry in the ECUC description. Base Class es Attribute Datatype Mul. The relationship between the EnumerationParamDef and the available EnumerationLiteralDefs is established using aggregations with the role name literal at the side of the EnumerationLiteralDef.

Since the module autsar fixes those configuration parameters, those values must be included in the base ECU configuration description and shall not be changed in later editing.