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ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . STANDARDATV-DVWK-A EDimensioning of This ATV Standard has been elaborated by the ATV-DVWK Specialist Committees KA 5 and. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition /

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Areas and limits of application of different types of model are discussed in an ATV Report [14].


This Standard is an important, however, not the sole source of information 131w correct solutions. The standard applies only for rotating bio- logical contactors without artificial aeration for the supply of the biofilm with the required oxygen. Suspended solids concentration in the bottom sludge in dependence on the sludge volume index and the thickening time A calculation of SSBS using the settling velocity of the activated sludge is fvwk possible [7].

It is recom- trate of a downstream nitrifying treatment unit to- mended that such measures are first carried out gether with the mechanically treated wastewater is following presentation of pertinent operational ex- applied to the trickling filter.

However, even if biological process modifications are planned, the operating records together with the values in Table 6 are helpful for the dvvwk of the sludge volume index. For pre-anoxic zone denitrification process and comparable processes, at which only a small part of the readily biodegradable organic matter is lost for the denitrification, the empirical values listed in Table 3, which match the tendency towards the theoretically derivable values, apply, comp.

The volume of an aerobic selector VSel or of an anaerobic mixing tank for phosphorus removal VBioP is considered not to be a part of the biological reactor VBB.


The scraper efficiency can dvvwk visualised as the inverse of the removal factor. The total sludge production resulting from phosphorus removal SPd,P thus results as follows: With simple one dimensional secondary settling tank models, which are coupled with an activated sludge model the sludge relocation between biological reactor and secondary settling tank can be recorded dynamically and, with this, the informative value of the modelling of the activated sludge 131 improved.

With lower lying inlet apertures attention is to be paid to short-circuit flows. During the emergent phase of the material the biofilm can take up oxygen from the surrounding air and in the submerged phase the dvak from the wastewater. The degree of the biological phosphorus removal depends, other than on the contact 131w, to a large extent on the ratio of the concentration of readily biodegradable organic matter to the concentration of phosphorus.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

With stormwater inflow activated sludge is relocated increasingly from the aeration tank into the secondary settling tank. This can, for example, be at the distributor to the secondary settling tanks or at a common, open effluent channel of the aeration tanks. Predominantly vertical flow tanks are those where the ratio is higher than 1: A model can describe sufficiently only those questions which are taken into account with the formation of the model.

Tests are in any case recommended, comp. The thickening and sludge removal zone must be large enough so that the influent sludge load, having a suspended solids concentration of SSEAT, within the thickening time tTh can be thickened to the bottom sludge concentration SSBS.


In rectangular tanks along both sidewalls effluent launders should be arranged. With denitrification one reckons for carbon removal with 2. In order to prevent the entry of floating 131 into the outlet pipes, the water level must be at least 20 cm above the inlet openings.


A possibly available anaerobic mixing tank can be included in the volume VD at pre-anoxic zone denitrification, if the internal recirculation is appropriately designed. In the various treatment zones there are liquor quantities and characteristics are to be taken rvwk biocoenoses of different composition from [7]. In particular the distance be- be achieved through the compact construction of tween discs may not be altered by the shape and, rotating biological contactors.

The hoppers must be designed that no depositing of sludge is to be expected. Scraper or beam ht. The loading capacity of an activated sludge plant is determined substantially by the concentration of suspended solids SSAT of the activated sludge and the volume of the aeration tank.

An active aeration using dvwo is, as a rule, not required. Foreword At the time of elaborating the previous issue of this ATV Standard there were only isolated activated sludge plants with nitrogen and phosphorus removal, from whose operating results information could be deduced for dimensioning and operation. Korrespondenz Abwasser 35 During filling and dfwk, a high one-sided water pressure on the separation walls is avoided through a small opening near the bottom.

With regard to the dilution, circulation tanks approximate to completely mixed tanks. SSAT can be taken from Fig. If the di- dimensioning quantities.