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CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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Each hinge consists of a nut, which is welded to the boiler drum, and a setting screw to which the door is connected by means of a pin. Condensation will disappear later. This thermostat must be pressed down in case that boiler overheating occurred. Do not leave parts replacement for the last moment; prepare your boiler for the heating season as early as in spring.

The primary and secondary air is pre-heated to a high temperature. Its primary air regulation is however in the usual place, which is the same for all boiler types. Both the pumps may however be switched by just one thermostat. Indicated by dots on the thermostat scale. A claim to provide an after-guarantee period repair shall be made by the customer at the service company, too.

Safety irreversible thermostat 6.

Návod k obsluze

Installation may only be carried out by persons trained by the manufacturer. Guarantee and post-guarantee period repairs are carried out by: Setting the required water temperature for the building is always achieved by means of a three-way mixing valve.


It is also possible to burn larger-sized brown coal such as the type KOSTKA and lignite briquettes or wood briquettes. The chimney draught is directly dependent on its cross-section, height and the inner wall ruggedness.

Chimney Connection of the appliance to the chimney vent stack must always been carried out with the permission of the appropriate chimney authority. The user needs to determine the optimal operating position for particular conditions.

The boiler is set to optimal operating parameters by the manufacturer. When in operation, always check that the boiler doors and cleaning apertures are well sealed — always tighten them well. The network connection is of the M type and when replacement is needed the service company must use the same type connection to replace it.

Place the kindling perpendicularly to the channel recess in the shaped piece so that a 2 — 4cm gap between the channels and fuel is created; which allows the waste gas passage. atmls

Control thermostat of the boiler — controls the ventilator operation depending on the temperature of water exiting the boiler.

Then tighten the nut. Lightly shape the cord from a square into a trapeze cross-section using a hammer. In this case, the customer bears the repair costs.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

We recommend cleaning the boilers once a week if burn- GB www. Flue-gas ducts must be mechanically durable and sealed against combustion products and gas penetration, and it must be possible to clean them inside. Choice and connection method of control and heating elements GB Boilers are provided to the user with the basic boiler performance control elements compliant with requirements for convenient heating and its safety.


Ignition valve pulling-rod — is used for opening up the ignition valve during ignition or fuel-loading stage. This water then absorbs the excessive energy and exits to the sewer.

c20w Seal the grating tube with two sealing cords and lock it by a screw with a washer. CAUTION — when operating the boiler, all doors must be fully closed and the ignition valve pulling rod must be pushed in – otherwise the ventilator S may sustain damage. Technical description The boilers are designed for burning brown coal and wood.

If such exceeding occurs, it is then necessary to depress the thermostat. Leave long pieces of wood which have not fully combusted in the hopper for the next time the boiler is used. Another option is connecting the boiler to an after-cooling tank with a reversal zone valve. Before re-installing the components, it is necessary to clean the combustion area from ashes and tars etc.