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GeometryHandler is a class that is used for extracting geometry from a DWG file. It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as. DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file. From this object, client code can request images from within the. An implementation of the MultiFramedImageDecoder class allows to render MS Office documents without MS Office installed. Public class.

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Event handler used when specifying compression in the MultiFramedImageEncoder. The image resolution is calculated by: Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library.

PdfDecoder Class

Gets or sets the quality level of the Imaginv as it’s encoded to a file. RawModalityTransformedPresentation Raw images have had little or no processing performed on them. Pages] property of the Document class. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Name Description Dispose Releases all resources managed by this object. Failure to do so may cause the application to throw an exception. If the image being saved contains a ColorProfileit will be embedded within the fodec. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library.

2 Namespace

All image decoders used in dotImage must inherit this class. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. GeometryHandler is a class that is used for extracting geometry from a DWG file. Returns imagint ImageType that the implemented decoder class supports. Encode an AtalaImage as a Jpeg image to a stream. Collection of pages inside a PDF document.


Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Jbig2 Namespace

DicomImage is a representation atalassoft raw or processed DicomImage data. Item] property of the Pages class. The GeometryHandler base class therefore causes a model to be fully reduced to primitives.

Reads a rectangle region from the PDF. It contains all of the frames and properties for the animation. Contains general information about the PDF file. This class includes static members containing information on image decoders to use in the project when reading images as well as methods to obtain a an appropriate decoder based on an image stream or filename.

This class contains information when a Jp2Decoder. This exception is thrown if a PDF is opened with the wrong password.

This is to make it easier to identify when all reduction is done for a particular shape. Quality styles are used to set the quality mode to be used during lossy compression.

Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company. Gets or sets a value indicating if the image is saved progressively. A collection of ImageDecoder. It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as well as for imaigng in color and line style. This class is used for encapsulating errors encountered while encoding or decoding image files.

Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Tiff Namespace

This object is used for events fired by an MultiFramedImageEncoder when requesting a compression type. OnPolygon and OnPolyline represent primitives for which there is no further reduction. ModalityTransformed images have been transformed as with Raw images and then with the Modality Look Up Table for the image.


Releases the unmanaged resources used by the PdfDecoder and optionally releases the managed resources. This class is currently empty and has been added for future extension. This class specifies encoder options that can be applied to the entire image, a specific tile, or a specific component.

This imging holds a collection of UuidInfoBox objects. Gets the Type of the current instance. Sets the downsampling factors used when compressing the image data.

Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. Resolution structure for DPI information. Note that resolution information may only be stored in Jp2 file format images.

This class derives from ImageInfoand contains information about the JPEG image such as width, height, and colordepth. Represents a single occurrence of an image on a PDF page. The GeometryHandler base class implements all OnBegin At present, the Z coordinate is ignored since the shapes are atalasofft onto a 2D sheet.

Nearly all of the OnBegin