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On the book was printed: The Arduin Grimoire, by Dave Hargrave. of Doom, which collectively came to be known as “The Arduin Trilogy”. Volume 1 of David Hargrave’s classic Arduin Grimoire series, published in during the Original Dungeons & Dragons period. Old-school D&D at its best!. The Arduin Grimoire – Vol 6 – House of the Rising , , KB. file, The Arduin , , KB. file.

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Some years later, Dave Hargrave returned to make more in the series, having revamped his own system. Many years later when I qrduin the seat after a long adduin I set out some hooks and the base location.

Created by Hargrave as a tongue-in-cheek tribute, the adventure itself was essentially a quest to gain life-prolonging treasure while avoiding Mazmanian’s wandering Avataran extremely powerful Lich -like entity who would either attack or help a party on random percentage roll.

It still amazed me four sessions later when they had gone far and had a mass of handouts full of hints on where to go next srduin how to get there that a pause in the action triggered a long head scratching session about what to do next. Spoor, Author, Gamer, Geek God. Dragon Tree Press Why do I need to login to see this item?

It sounds like I missed much fun and enjoyment. Log in to Reply. November 27, at Book Book Two – Resources “Here is Arduin, the renowned fantasy role-play system, totally revised and reorganized.


Role-playing is the heart of all adventure arduih systems now on the market.

The sort of science-fantasy found in say, Jack Vance, seemed wrong. It was the first published “cross-genre” fantasy RPG, with everything from interstellar wars to horror and historical drama, although it was based primarily in the medieval fantasy genre. Thecovers are weathered, Vol 1 has small tearing by the upper staples and Vol 2 has discoloration on the bottom left cover. He did have feuds with several in the early gaming industry, leading to spells and other in-game snipes.

Arduin Grimoire Trilogy Original Box Set David Hargrave | #

Michio Okamura was a regular contributor from the earliest volumes of the Arduin books, his distinct woodcut art style was featured on the cover of Dark Dreams AG VI. Back in the ancient days of roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons was pretty much the only game in town, a game consisting of three little booklets: Arduin, by its very nature was and remains lethal in triloogy extreme. More than two dozen fully-developed character classes.

Spoor on Demons of the Past: You must be logged in to post a comment. Dedication and signature inside front cover. February 13, at Tables for ceiling, floor and wall traps. Dave Hargrave pictured in Different Worlds issue Bob, Thanks for the kind words. On the book was printed: It awaits only your trrilogy to come alive! But the specific rules hardly mattered.

He drew many of the monster and artifact cards for several of the standalone dungeon modules, and also painted the box art with airbrushing by Anthony Delgado for Grimoire Games’ The Arduin Adventure. His is also the original design for the Arduin “Shield” now featured by Emperor’s Choice Games and Miniatures as their trademark.


Over the years, Hargrave created the missing rules needed to make a stand-alone game. More than of the most powerful magiks ever writ.

Was and still is a great inspration. In an era when state-of-the-art setting design consisted of the Wilderness Survival map and some encounter tables, Hargrave opened a world with detail that rivaled any setting that came later.

Separate magiks for rune weavers, druids, alchemists, illusionists and herbalists. There were few limits.

Comprehensive conventions for handling the development of split-class characters.

Arduin Grimoire Trilogy Original Box Set David Hargrave

It includes a Master Map of the area approximately miles square and 59 “keyed” adventure area maps all cross-referenced off of the Master Map. Among these are the following:. Retrieved from ” https: Your ad here, right grimoier The Arduin Grimoireby Dave Hargrave. Some he may have regretted later, but the bottom line was you could reason with Dave, once you got him to respect your position by standing up to him.