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Analog Electronics: Characteristics of diode APGENCO ASSISTANT ENGINEERS (AE) MECHANICAL SYLLABUS Strength of Materials: .. Assistant Public Prosecutor (), Law Paper – I, , View. Assistant. Estt-APGENCO-AP Reorganization Act, – Dates of Preliminary Settings of the Sole-member of One Man Committee to determine the modalities. AP Genco AE Question Year with Key Type/Year: Previous Year/ Question Subject: Assistant Engineer Electronics – APGENCO Syllabus. QP.

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E in Civil Engineering or its equivalent qualification from recognized university. Turbine monitoring and control: Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Transducers: Understands scaffolding and types of stair apbenco f.

Comprehend the working of single phase commutator motor 6. Estimate the fabrication cost e. Posted by nand at 9: Know the organization structure of an industry and the behavior of an individual in an organization.


A notification for the recruitment of various post with a total of will be released on 15th December Direct Recruitment of Assistant Engineers for the year: If you found any mistakes please let us know with the explanation so that we can update the key. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Digital voltmeter and multi-meter. Online Portal and obtain the receipt.


Measurement of displacement, velocity and acceleration translational and rotationalforce, torque, vibration and shock. Electrical — Must possess B. Understand the principles of semi-conductor devices f. Estimate the weight of material required for a product and machining times d. Know the semi-conductor Devices. Design for static and dynamic loading, failure theories, fatigue strength, S-N diagram, design of joints, shafts, bearings, gears, brakes, clutches, screws, springs, cranks, piston, gyroscopes, balancing and governors.

Metal cutting and Machine tools: As per the information available with us, only the number of posts that are vacant in particular department was known. Error and uncertainty analysis. Trainee Assistant Engineer No.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Selection Procedure is based on syklabus Written Test.

Understands the types and principles of doors, windows, ventilators and Lintels, Sunshades. Amplitude and frequency modulation and demodulation.

Static and dynamic characteristics of Measurement Systems. Electronic instruments and industrial applications j. Understand the performance of special devices. Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship: V-to-I and I-to-V converter. Knows the principle of surveying for Land Development h. Share the Questions remembered with us through the Comments to help the Students those who are going to appear for the next time.


OC Candidates — Rs. To understand Three Phase Transformers. Unit operation and Unit processes, material balance and energy balance.

Understand MS-Power Point e.

Strength of materials and theory of structures: Control Systems and Process Control: Routh and Nyquist criteria. The selection will be made through three way method— written testtrade test and final interview. Comprehend the construction, working and performance of Internal Combustion engines. Applies principles of Surveying of Land Development g. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Understand Human Population and the Environment e.

Performs Trigonometric leveling c. Optical sources and detectors, LED, laser, Photo-diode, photo-resistor and their characteristics. Understands Bridges, Culverts and cause ways.

Basics of DC machines, AC machines and transformers 5. To understand the impact of pollutants on Environment 6. Understand different types of switchgear, sullabus and reactors and their working j. Design of patterns moulds and cores, solidification, design consideration of runner, riser and gate.

Arithmetic circuits, Comparators, Schmitt trigger, timers and mono-stable multi vibrator.