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detaºează fără îndoială, Anuarul Statistic al României. Dacă ar fi să recurg la o formulă, mai curând publicistică decât statistică, mi-aº putea. Anuarul statistic al României. . California); Limited (search only) (original from University of California); Limited (search only) (original from University . The Romanian Statistical Yearbook (Romanian: Anuarul Statistic al României) is an annual publication of the National Institute of Statistics that presents data.

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Include large Include large Include the highest Include: Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income source: The yearbook contained detailed information about agriculture, particularly in regard to the surface area devoted to fruit trees, the state of zootechnics and the number of tractors.

During the s, the yearbook returned to a length of pages. Revenue assigned satistic such difficult periods are very low and puts the respective families in poverty, well below the minimum required for a decent life. The authors focused on aligning with international standards as well as including correct and comprehensive data aanuarul users of statistical information.

The agricultural employees had and have too, a rather difficult economic situation. The minimum basket of consumption for a decent standard of living Is calculated by Research Institute for Quality of Life from Bucharest since Retrieved from ” https: A third edition, covering the yearswas begun in but did not appear untildue to World War Dtatistic.

Compared toindue to the reduction in wages and the lower employment rate on the background of the financial crisis, all the categories of cash income decreased for all categories of population, excluding the revenues from allowance.


The yearbook includes the most recent data available in order to draw a picture of the economic situation and of the main economic indicators’ evolution over the preceding few years. Its authors noted that older data were adapted to current methodology, and that they were recalculated for the current national territory, which was smaller than that of Greater Romania. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The lowest share of the value of consumption from own resources is for the three members family The decent standard of living remained a mere aspiration even in Julywhen the coverage of the minimum basket of consumption was of Romania’s entry into the EU and salary cuts in slowed this trend.

But the important thing is that even regular active people, for example, minimum wage workers or people who worked all their working life for a salary, and now receive an average social insurance pension, still live in chronic poverty. The distribution of households and persons in households by income decile helps highlighting income inequality by different population groups.

Arhiva anuare statistice | Institutul Național de Statistică

Beginning inin the interests of transparency, relevance and credibility, the yearbook featured indicators previously hidden from public view. Conclusions Active people in the labour market can go through difficult situations such as economic restructuring, wage cuts, illnesses periods, unemployment and others. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Income inequality and low-income segments of the population.

Institutul National de Statistica – How is Institutul National de Statistica abbreviated?

Published Published by by Elsevier Elsevier B. The maximum average salary in Romania has been reached in the statixtic of economic growth in and it remained in too, although the GDP had decreased by 7.


As for the cost of a decent life, they could afford it only as hope and aspiration. The decrease of total household income during the crisis. The edition was notable for incorporating data from the census and the election.

The situation became more diffuse around the yearsbut inthe crisis was felt in full. The next yearbook was published in and covered the years Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Arhiva anuare statistice

Accessed in th of September Log In Sign Up. The most affected by the relatively low level of wages in Romania are families with children in care. After salary increase at the moment of Romania’s joining the EU, it was “corrected”, despite the appearances given by its evolution in lei, the average salary remaining below the value from euroseven in The decreases of the incomes, however, were differentiated by socio- occupational categories, with greater reductions in farmers’ incomes, while the pensioners’ and unemployed’ incomes slightly increased.

Dominant socio-occupational characteristics of the income deciles. In Julya net minimum wage in agriculture covered the needs of rural families of two adults with two children in care at a rate of only