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ANTI HIV USING NANO ROBOTS – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Document By SANTOSH. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ankita Joshi and others published Anti HIV Using Nanorobots }. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected Web’s. By doing so constant levels of Web’s are maintained in the blood stream.

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The paper is just nanorobotx theoretical justification. Some drugs of specific composition are given to the patients which are able to increase the life time to a few years only.

Other challenges are Nanostructures can be so small that the body may clear them too rapidly for them to be effective in detection or imaging. The CPU controls all the activities. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This means that nanoscale devices having at least one dimension less than nanometers can enter cells and the organelles inside them to interact with DNA and proteins. This loss of helper T-cells finally results in the complete inability of our body to ward-off even the weakest of organisms all kinds of bacteria and viruses other than HIV which are normally not ever a problem to us.

Tools developed through nanotechnology may be able to detect disease in a very small amount of cells or tissue. While designing it the main factors that are to be considered are given below: Modern medicine can affect the work of the body in many ways, but from a molecular viewpoint it remains crude. A network of special stationary More sophisticated medical nanorobots will be nanorobots might be strategically positioned able to intervene at the cellular level, performing throughout the body, logging each active surgery within the cells.

This is the beginning of nanoera and we could expect further improvements such as a medicine to AIDS using nanotechnology.

Click here to sign up. Nanorobots are nanodevices that will be used for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens. In one arm the actual sample is placed and in the second arm the sample from the WBC is placed. But today, we propose for Nanomedical robots, since they will have no difficulty in identifying the target site cells even at the very early stages which cannot be done in the traditional treatment and will ultimately be able to track them down and destroy them wherever they may be growing.


The immune system is a system within all vertebrates animals with a backbone which in general terms, is comprised of two important cell types: This fight may continue for up to ten years before the body eventually succumbs, apparently because of the inability to any-longer produce T-cells.

But today, we propose for tissue, or needles; and from mother to child during Nanomedical robots, since they will have no difficulty birth or breastfeeding.

Caused by Some of the drugs of specific composition are given the human immunodeficiency virus HIVAIDS nowadays to the patients depending on the intensity of leaves an infected person vulnerable to opportunistic the disease which increase their lifetime to a few infections which can prove fatal. Human Hlv deficiency Virus: The human body can be seen as a workyard, construction site, and battleground form molecular machines.

One of anit proteins, named gp ,”recognizes” a protein on helper T-cells named CD4, and physically associates with it. The CPU controls all the enter unless it is needed for chemical analysis. Within this class, HIV is placed in the subgroup of lent viruses. Nanorobot performs the inverse process of the HIV.

Scientists report the exterior of a nanorobot will likely usihg constructed of carbon atoms in a diamondoid structure because of its inert properties and strength.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots

Larger nanoparticles may accumulate in vital organs, creating a toxicity problem. Pneumonia is the leading cause of the death among people with HIV infection, and the incidence of certain types of cancers is also increased rapidly. Without helper T-cells, the body cannot make antibodies properly, nor can infected cells containing HIV an intracellular pathogen be properly eliminated. The a clinical setting. By doing so, constant levels of WBC’s are maintained in the blood stream.

This process takes pace till the normal death of the patient. This paper starts by giving an introduction to nanorobots and its importance as recognized by various other technocrats. Most animal cells are 10, to 20, nanometers in diameter. There is no technology for the treatment of AIDS. The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS. Usually, both B-cell and cytotoxic T-cell responses occur against intracellular agents which provides a two-pronged attack.

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Don’t enter email or mobile no. WBC by using a Nanorobot, thereby the patient is The creation of the nano devices can be done using made to have a constant amount of immune system. This means that nanotechnology could make it possible to run many diagnostic tests simultaneously as well as with more sensitivity.

But the recent advancement in the field of nanotechnology gives the hope of the effective use of this technology in medical field. Unlike most bacteria, HIV particles are much too small to be seen through an ordinary microscope.

So ,an AIDS patient can defend himself from various diseases. HIV belongs to a special class of viruses called retroviruses. Having nanorobots inside the body it is very essential to know the actions done by it. This site uses cookies. Remember about the proteins, which envelope HIV.

Currently there is no permanent vaccine or medicine is available to cure the disease. This means that nanoscale devices can enter cells and the organelles inside them to interact with DNA and proteins. A navigational network may be installed in the body, with station and Physical positions can be reported continuously using an in vivo communications network.

Our paper giv at the removal of the virus to from the RNA of the body using the nanorobots.

Anti-HIV using NanoRobots by Ruban Toffy on Prezi

It will be a closed, vacuum environment HIV infected cell. This acquired condition of immune deficiency is called, AIDS. So we should attempt to create devices the body will accept.

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